MAY 2021
Light at the end of the tunnel:
Elder Services to resume hot meal service June 1
As we begin to turn a new corner with COVID-19 vaccinations, Elder Services plans to resume delivery of hot lunches to clients in the Meals on Wheels program on Tuesday, June 1. The program of Horizons, A Family Service Alliance has provided frozen meals and breakfast bags on a weekly basis since March 2020. "Both our clients and volunteers have indicated to us they miss the daily interaction that goes with bringing a noon meal to a homebound senior, and after one year away from that, we are presently working on a timetable to make the safe transition back," said Michael Barnhart, Chief Executive Officer at Horizons.

If you'd like more information about Elder Services, including signing up to receive or volunteer for Meals on Wheels, e-mail Dorene Nott or call (319) 338-0515.
The Elderberry Box is coming in July
You may remember the Elderberry Tea fundraiser that Elder Services has hosted in the past to support its program. While the proximity necessary for such an event isn't possible this year, we are reviving the theme with the Elderberry Box to be held July 13 through 15.

Have a gourmet lunch delivered to your home or business to benefit Meals on Wheels. Every lunchbox will allow Elder Services to provide two meals to a homebound senior in need. Purchase three meals or more and we will deliver to your door. The menu will be available at after June 1.
Serving seniors with rides to vaccine appointments
If you've received your COVID-19 vaccination, then you know how challenging it was just to get an appointment. Now imagine being a senior citizen, not only trying to sign up online for the vaccine but figuring out how you're going to get there if you don't drive or have family around to help you.

This is the scenario that many of our Meals on Wheels clients faced. Fortunately, Elder Services was able to help them navigate the process through arranging appointments and taking the clients there. Nearly all of Elder Services' seniors have now been vaccinated and the project was so successful that Horizons implemented the practice with its Cedar Rapids clients.
#BetterTogether: News about community partnerships
Panera Bread is donating product from the end of the business day for Elder Services to collect on a weekly basis, with enough available for every client to have a loaf of bread or a pastry. This gesture is greatly appreciated by our clients and we thank Panera for its assistance in keeping older adults home longer, healthier, and more affordably.

Elder Services is also thrilled to have realtors from Keller Williams perform yard work for Meals on Wheels clients coming up on May 13. That day, the group will also have a parade around senior apartment complexes for the second year in a row.
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