Journal of Small Satellites (JoSS) 
Peer-Reviewed Articles
A CubeSat Concept for Multipoint Ionospheric GPS Occultation
Thomas R. P. Heine, Mark B. Moldwin, Shasha Zou, Jessica Arlas, Ambarish Desai, Brandon Heidt, Steve McCarty, Adelina Nastasoiu, and Vritika Singh - University of Michigan (USA)
JoSS, Vol. 04, No. 02 (October 2015) 
A Reusable Command and Data Handling System for University CubeSats 
Shaina A. M. Johl and E. Glenn Lightsey - University of Texas at Austin (USA)
JoSS, Vol. 04, No. 02 (October 2015)
Design and Testing of a Cold Gas Thruster for an Interplanetary CubeSat Mission
Travis K. Imken, Terry H. Stevenson, and E. Glenn Lightsey - University of Texas at Austin (USA)
JoSS, Vol. 04, No. 02 (October 2015)
Design Considerations and Ground Testing of Electric Double-layer Capacitors as Energy Storage Components for Nanosatellites
Muhammad Alkali, Mohamed Y. Edries, Arifur R. Khan, Hirokazu Masui, and Mengu Cho - Kyushu Institute of Technology (Japan)
JoSS, Vol. 04, No. 02 (October 2015)
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