Journal of Small Satellites (JoSS) 
Peer-Reviewed Articles
A Survey of Current Femtosatellite Designs, Technologies, and Mission Concepts
Tracie R. Perez and Kamesh Subbarao
JoSS, Vol. 05, No. 03 (October 2016) 
A Methodology for CubeSat Mission Selection
Luis Zea, Victor Ayerdi, Sergio Argueta, and Antonio Muñoz
JoSS, Vol. 05, No. 03 (October 2016) 
Survey, Statistical Analysis and Classification of Launched CubeSat Missions with Emphasis on the Attitude Control Method
Halis C. Polat, Josep Virgili-Llop, and Marcello Romano
JoSS, Vol. 05, No. 03 (October 2016)
Testing The LightSail Program: Advancing Solar Sailing Technology Using a CubeSat Platform
Rex W. Ridenoure, Riki Munakata, Stephanie D. Wong, Alex Diaz, David A. Spencer, Douglas A. Stetson, Bruce Betts, Barbara A. Plante, Justin D. Foley, and John M. Bellardo
JoSS, Vol. 05, No. 03 (October 2016)
JoSS Welcomes Dr. Patric Patterson as a New TAE
Dr. Pat Patterson, USU SDL and new JoSS TAE
New Technical Area Editor (TAE) Patric Patterson, Ph.D., Director of Advanced Concepts for Space Dynamics Laboratory, brings expertise in the areas of CONOPS/-Systems; Formation Flying; Payloads/Science/Missions; and Integration and Testing.
Dr. Patterson received his M.S. (1990) in Spacecraft Controls Systems and Ph.D. (2005) in Space Systems Engineering from Utah State University. He is currently the Director of the Advanced Concepts Division within Utah State University's Space Dynamics Laboratory (USU/SDL), and is the Chairman of the annual American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics/USU Conference on Small Satellites. Other roles include membership on the Technical Committee for the European Space Agency's 4S Symposium, and the Scientific Program Committee for the International Academy of Astronautics Symposium on Small Satellites for Earth Observation. Dr. Patterson also serves as an Industrial Advisory Committee member for USU's Electrical and Computer Engineering department.
JoSS Enters Media Agreement with Satnews Publishers for  SmallSat Symposium 2017
JoSS is continuing its media sponsorship agreement with Satnews Publishers, the host of "The SmallSat Symposium:  The Small Satellite Business & Finance Show" February 6-8, 2017 - Mountain View, Silicon Valley, CA, USA. The 2017 SmallSat Symposium aims to unlock the business aspects, technologies and the financial and legal acumen that comprise the foundation of today's rapid growth in the small satellite market, bringing together a broad range of thought-provoking panels and speakers representing visionary ideas and years of business experience.  Read more about this exciting program featuring the technologies and business aspects of the small satellite market at !
White House Press Release on "Harnessing the Small Satellite Revolution" and the Small Sat Virginia Initiative
Several days ago (Oct. 21, 2016), the White House issued a press release in recognition of the profound impact of lightweight smallsats and smallsat constellations that can deliver capabilities at a fraction of the cost of traditional-sized satellites. (See .) Proposals for federal involvement include:
  • NASA funding for advancing constellation technologies, as well as data buys, including data from non-governmental small spacecraft constellations; and
  • NASA establishment of a Small Spacecraft Virtual Institute at Ames Research Center in 2017, to serve as a "one-stop shop" for technical knowledge in this rapidly growing field. 
Mary Sandy, VSGC
This is strong leverage for the Virginia Space Grant Consortium-led Small Sat Virginia Initiative, which aims to create a Small Satellite Economic Cluster in Virginia, "pulling together the Commonwealth's strong NASA, Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport, DOD, industry, and university assets to ensure that Virginia is well poised to embrace this rapidly growing, technology disrupting sector." (Click here to see the current Initiative fact sheet.
) The recent  Virginia Tech (VT) Office of Economic Development study  looks at the benefits of Commonwealth investment in the Initiative. The VT study finds that such investment "could create 57 to 89 new high-paying aerospace jobs in the state over three years," and "...the estimated return on investment could total as high as an additional $72 million or more."
For more information about the VSGC and the Initiative, please contact Mary Sandy at  or 757-766-5210. Regarding the VT economic development study, contact Scott Tate at
Workshop on Small Satellites for All Ages to be Held in 2017, Sponsored by JoSS - Watch for More Details
Prof. Bob Twiggs of Morehead State University and Dr. Adarsh
Deepak of JoSS and Science & Technology, Corp. (STC) are excited to announce the possibility of  organizing one or more JoSS-sponsored Workshops on "Small Satellites for All Ages, " after several years of discussion and planning. 

Professor Bob Twiggs, MSU
Prof. Bob Twiggs, MSU
These workshops will primarily focus on K-12, to complement other SmallSat conf
erences held in the US that are heavily oriented towards university level  students and entrepreneurs. To foster fruitful information exchange,  Prof. Twiggs has suggested that K-12 students come together to openly  share their experiences and display or demonstrate any of their own product results related to all aspects of learning how to design, build, launch, and develop the telemetry  of smallsats, ranging from matchbox size (less than 5x5x5cm-cube), to pocketcubes (5x5x5cm-cube)  and cubesats (10x10x10cm-cube), etc. We anticipate the participation of JoSS Editors and TAEs (Technical Area Editors), as well as other sponsoring organizations and experts, in this educational information-sharing endeavor. 
Since K-12 students might be limited in travel funding, it is envisioned that they could meet in  small groups at smallsat workshops held at their local and regional area for a Friday-Sunday period, and then participate with  larger groups that convene at large-scale annual conferences, where  they could observe what university level students and the international vendors  have to offer that might be appropriate for them to use in future smallsat activities. 
We welcome any expressions of interest in participating, questions, or input! Please contact JoSS by writing  Adarsh Deepak at:
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