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July 10, 2018
I am always wanting to share things with people …whether this can be called an actual newsletter is up for debate. I like to think it is more like having a conversation with you. And if you have met me you know how that goes ….

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Things that interest me... and maybe you!
Clothing, Packing, Travel
Where Will I Be?
All Things CMP
MPI WEC 2018 Award
Upcoming CMP Dates 2018-2019
CMP Conclave in Birmingham, Alabama
2018 CMP Conclave
Career and Jobs #EventCareerStrategy
The Guidance Counselor for Grown Ups

Things that interest me….
and maybe you!

This week Amazon announced its new program called Alexa for Hospitality, where Alexa will be able to assist hotel guests in their rooms in a range of ways. Check it out!
By way of

" A food and events specialist tells event planners to prepare for marijuana, whether they like it or not. "

Looking for inspiration? Education? Or entertainment? See what favorite books are recommended for meeting pros by meeting pros! 

I have personally used Spot Hero to find available and cheap parking spaces around busy cities and its phenomenal! I had to share it, definitely a big help when in a rush to get somewhere and need to park.

Clothing, Packing, Travel

Las Angeles International Airport showcases technology that has overhead lights turn red or green, letting people know if the stalls are occupied or free! How convenient and cool!

Did you know your luggage has an adventure of its own before you take off in the air? What an experience it has and distance it goes!

When you travel and stay in a hotel room, do you ever feel you need extra security? You may want to check out this handy and affordable device that will surely protect you from unwanted guests!
Where Will I Be?

I'm still in Bangkok until July 12 from teaching my four day CMP course. Then I'm off to

National Speakers Association, Influence Convention , Dallas Texas July 13 - 18, 2018

See below (ALL THINGS CMP) for where I'll be teaching my CMP Two Day Classes


CMP Two Day Intensive Class

July 21-22, 2018
Marketing Sponsor:  MPI New Jersey
Venue Sponsor:  iPlay America, Freehold, NJ
Registration now open. Email  for registration information

August 18-19, 2018
Venue Sponsor:  Hyatt Centric French Quarter, New Orleans, LA
Registration now open. Email  for registration information

August 25-26, 2018
New England-Location to be announced and registration to open soon.

September 29-30, 2018
Marketing Sponsor:  MPI New Jersey
Venue Sponsor:  APA Hotel, Woodbridge, NJ
Registration now open. Email  for registration information

October 13-14, 2018
Las Vegas
More information to follow in August

Potential Classes

Although not totally set yet , these are the next CMP classes I am working on:

August through October

  • New York City (September or October)

  • Chicago, IL

  • Pittsburgh, PA

That is all I know at this time. I will update in the E-Guide as soon as I know!

I'm trying really, really hard to get a class in the Western United States.

Please let me know if you interested in any of these classes, or any other locations.

Have a venue?  Would you like to know how I can bring a group of dedicated meeting professionals to your property. Ask me how to become a Venue Sponsor.
I was honored (and surprised) to receive the Chapter Leader if the year award from my “new” (five years) MPI Chapter — New England. It’s hard to be new and try to add value, so it means a lot to me that they feel this way.
I am even prouder of us for the fact that five of these people prepared for their CMP with me.

Photo from MPI New England board Installation.

Upcoming 2018 CMP Exam Dates

August 3-12

November 2-11

Upcoming 2019 CMP month-long testing windows:
It means applicants will have 200% more testing days in 2019! Prometric will have those month-long windows open for us next week so registrations can begin.

January 1-31 , 2019

May 1-31 , 2019

August 1-31 , 2019

November 1-30 , 2019

Didn't pass the CMP Exam?
It can feel like a punch in the gut if you find out you didn't pass an exam that you worked really hard to prepare for and you wonder why and what's next? Watch my response in "Conversations with Joanne" on YouTube at this link:

Link to free study and test tip videos:
Here are more than 20 short videos to help you study for and take the CMP exam and some test taking tips.

2018 CMP Conclave – November 16-18, 2018
Birmingham, Alabama

CMPs have their own conference — called a Conclave.

Contribute l Inspire l Elevate

The Events Industry Council is accepting requests for proposals for speakers to speak at CMP Conclave 2018.

The call for proposals to speak at CMP Conclave is open! The theme of this year’s conference -- Contribute l Inspire l Elevate – reinforces Events Industry Council’s mission to enhance the knowledge and performance of event professionals. CMP Conclave is November 16-18 in Birmingham, Alabama.
We are sourcing content for three distinct types of sessions this year. Please consider submitting one or more proposals and forward this along to your industry peers.
Breakout: These are 60-minute conference breakout sessions. We're looking for innovative content that challenges our CMPs to think differently.
 EventX: These are thought-provoking 10-minute short talks given from the main stage. Final presenters are chosen by the CMP participants themselves as we get closer to Conclave.
 CMP Lab: The CMP Lab will be open throughout CMP Conclave. There will be unique experiential opportunities. They can be 10-minute micro-learning moments or 90-minute deep dives. Do you have a great idea that just doesn't "fit" into a traditional breakout? This format is for you!
#CMPConclave2018 is the only conference developed by and exclusively for Certified Meeting Professionals. We hope you consider sharing your expertise with our group and submit a proposal (or two!) before July 31, 2018.
Wondering what there is in Birmingham, Alabama? Why you must go there? What there is to explore? Check out BuzzFeed's 50 Things You Simply Must Do in Birmingham
The Ordinary Success Project LLC is a CMP Preferred Provider. The program(s) identified with the CMP Preferred Provider logo meet the requirements to receive continuing education (CE) credit for the Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) credential. The use of the CMP Preferred Provider Pre-Check logo is not an endorsement by the Events Industry Council of the quality of the session. For more information about the CMP credential or CMP Preferred Provider Program, please visit .
Career and Jobs - They're not the same

Meeting professionals worldwide — including Joanne Dennison — discuss the issues that are most impacting the meeting industry, including commission cuts and the latest technology.

Conference Coordinator, ROCS Staffing, Falls Church, VA — CMP REQUIRED!

Senior Manager of Events, Interactive Advertising Bureau, New York, NY

Onsite Event Manager, OneCause, Tampa Bay area, FL

Administrative Coordinator, University of California, Berkeley, CA

Guest Relations Coordinator, University of Missouri, St. Louis, MO

Meeting Planner – 5-Month (July – November 2018) Temp-to-Hire Position, EMC Venues LLC, United States — CMP a plus!
(Work from home – must live in GA, NJ, PA)

Program and Events Coordinator, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA

Sr. Meeting Planner, (Confidential Company), Trenton, NJ

Director of Special Events, The University of Texas, Tyler, TX

Community Planner, Department of the Navy, U.S. Navy – Agency wide, Various U.S. locations

Places to Search for Jobs:


The Guidance Counselor for Grown Ups

Some of you may be aware I have two sections of my company. The other is “The Guidance Counselor for Grown Ups” where I work with individuals and organizations to answer, “What’s Next?”

Here is this E-Guide's short video of some of my thoughts that may help you in your career:

If you are on this list you probably heard me present on the meetings and events industry (good chance on the CMP exam) but no, you did not ask to be on this list because the list did not exist till now. If you choose to unsubscribe I totally get it. On the other hand if you stick around there might be something interesting, amusing or maybe even both .
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