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In this Week's Edition: Hamilton's Labour Force Information September 2022, Who's Hiring in Hamilton, Happening in the Community: (Commercial Cleaning: Job Fair, Hamilton Urban Core Community Health Centre, Roots of Empathy Program, CargoJet: Job Fair, St. Charles Continuing Education, Edgefactor: Workforce Excellence Program, YWCA: The Opportunities Program, YMCA: FREE Bridge To Work Program) News: "The Toll of Job Insecurity in Turbulent Economic Times" and "The Most In-Demand Jobs Right Now"

Labour Force September 2022

Review Hamilton's Labour Force Information for September 2022

Who's Hiring In Hamilton?

YWCA Hamilton is currently seeking a Newcomer Employment Counsellor/Job Developer

Click here to apply!

Good Shepherd Non Profit Homes is currently seeking a Mental health Crisis Worker

Click here to apply!

City of Hamilton is currently seeking an Ontario Works Case Aide

Click here to apply!

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Happening In The Community!

Commercial Cleaning: Job Fair

Employment Options/Collège Boréal will be hosting a job fair with Commercial Cleaning on November 10/22 from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. 


They are hiring for:


General duty cleaners

Heavy-duty cleaners



Interested clients can register here: optionsemploi.hamilton@collegeboreal.ca

Hamilton Urban Core Community Health Centre

  • Sat Oct 22 10am-1pm, Join us for HUCCHC’s Community Saturday, where we'll discuss all things winter preparation!

Get some winter essentials & share in a safe discussion on tips & tools to help fight winter blues + delicious pancake brunch!

Roots of Empathy Program

(Click image for video)

CargoJet: Job Fair

CargoJet: Operator

(Click image to view)

CargoJet: Ground Handler

(Click image to view)

CargoJet: De-Icer

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What: CargoJet On-Site Job Fair (with in-person interview)

When: Thursday, October 27 from 1:00PM to 3:00PM

Where: Goodwill Career Center @ 1050 Upper Gage, Hamilton ON

What to Bring: A Canadian government issued ID + A printed resume


CargoJet will provide Job Offer to eligible applicants. At this time, they need 60 people to get hired. If your clients are ready to apply now, please send their resume to me asap and they don’t have to wait for the job fair next week.


For more info, please refer to attached job postings or to company website @ https://cargojet.com/

St. Charles Continuing Education

Edgefactor: Workforce Excellence Program

Edge Factor is launching its newest initiative, the WorkForce Excellence Program (WEP), this Thursday, October 20th! In addition to connecting employers and job seekers, WEP introduces free e-learning tools to celebrate skilled trades success stories and share best practices for apprenticeship programs using the power of storytelling and smart technology. Edge Factor has worked with companies across the four communities to showcase real life apprentices and apprenticeship programs.

We will also be hosting a free webinar information session for employers on November 2nd at 3:00 p.m. EST. I am hoping this is something we could include in your member communications to let them know that WEP is now available to them and that they can join the webinar to get started.

In the session, employers will learn about WEP, how to register and use the platform to:

  • Access free media – Learn best practices to develop a successful apprenticeship program
  • Build their Company Profile – Raise awareness of their company and what they do
  • Add Apprenticeship Profiles – Promote their programs to job seekers
  • Download the free digital tool guide – Learn how to get the most out of WEP and build a skilled, resilient workforce

YWCA: The Opportunities Program

New cohort starting on November 7th!

YMCA: FREE Bridge To Work Program


The Toll of Job Insecurity in Turbulent Economic Times

When a downturn hits, many permanent workers can hunker down in their jobs and ride it out. But those in unprotected employment often don’t have that luxury.

Ryan Parker, 30, is typically hired by marketing agencies to deliver services for brands on a contract basis. Through the pandemic’s peak, industry demand was roaring. “Power went to the freelancers,” he explains. “Like other sectors, marketing saw the Great Resignation: people realised what they were worth and what they wanted. For freelance marketers, [other people’s resignations] meant being able to find the best opportunities and grasp them.” 

However, this began to change at the turn of the year. In January, Parker abruptly lost two major contracts. It was an early sign of a looming downturn. “We began seeing budget cuts,” explains Parker, who has freelanced since 2017. “Brands started questioning their return on investment with third-party contractors; work that would’ve previously been commissioned to freelancers began to be taken in-house.”

Read more here! 

The Most In-Demand Jobs Right Now

Seeing more busy restaurants lately? Thank your local restaurant worker — and your optometrist. 

Joking aside, these two jobs saw the sharpest spikes in demand over the past three months. Measured by the number of paid job posts on LinkedIn globally, demand for restaurant specialists more than tripled (3.2x), while demand for optometrists grew by 2.8x. 

Take a closer look at the latest rankings, below, and you’ll see a broader trend come into focus: Frontline and entry-level jobs dominate our list of jobs with the fastest-growing demand — with a few even breaking into the top 10 most in-demand jobs overall. Let’s see what employers can do to fill these frontline roles, and how candidates across industries are raising their expectations. 

Read on to see the full rankings. This story is updated on a quarterly basis to help talent professionals manage expectations, inform hiring decisions, and understand the changing landscape of the talent market.

Read more here!

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