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The current  job market  has  led 
companies to interview and hire  
more unconventional candidates including job hoppers.  The natural instinct may be to shy away from considering these applicants, but companies should realize they may be rejecting worthwhile, even  exceptional people based on previous job history. 

This article explores the benefits job hoppers may bring to the table and how companies may take preventative measures to increase retention.   We hope you find it helpful and as always we appreciate any feedback.

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Job Hoppers: Largely Unavoidable yet Surprisingly Embraceable
"Job Hopper" simply stated means a person who changes jobs frequently (typically every 2 - 3 years). Millennials in particular have been pegged as the noncommittal, wandering job-hoppers but a study by the Washington Post determined that millennials are changing jobs slightly less often than their boomer parents did at their age. Regardless of which generation is the guiltiest of this behavior, the trend has taken root in our candidate-driven employment market and does not appear to be going away anytime soon.

The low unemployment rate and enormous number of jobs going unfilled due to lack of talent puts extra pressure on companies to consider and hire these types of candidates. Unfortunately, 40% of recruiters and hiring managers view job hopping with a negative perception as the fear of hiring a job hopper is that history is likely to repeat itself.   When your job is to make good hiring choices and retain valuable employees, this fear is understandable. However, in today's aggressive employment market, automatically rejecting frequent job changers may cause you to miss out on exceptional talent.
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