The Stone Soup Leadership Institute
Job Shadow Day
April 27, 2018
Boston Museum of Science
I remember when I first applied to join Stone Soup Leadership Institute. I never could’ve guessed how far it would take me. For Job Shadow Day, I was at the Boston Science Museum. It was an experience I can’t describe in words. I saw my friends from last year's Summit from Martha’s Vineyard, Gustavo and Gabe.  We were fascinated by the Museum's exhibits and excited to meet the youth traveling from Boston. It was awesome to be in the Museum's exclusive Skyline Room with a beautiful view of the Charles River. It was very special to share our service project - a warm clothing drive for the Puerto Ricans arriving in Holyoke after Hurricane Maria. Jan Carlos made an amazing video that showcased all our efforts to encourage a change. I felt like it was just a whole new beginning and I do expect many exciting things to come. I love seeing Jan Carlos express himself through his art and I think there is a very bright further for all of us. I’m very excited to continue working with new people for this year's Summit and to continue helping our Holyoke community.
-- Sky Gonzalez
Sustainable Holyoke Youth Leadership Initiative
As a MVYLI alumni, it was great to join in the Institute's Job Shadow Day at the Boston Science Museum. I enjoyed meeting inspiring speakers and students from Boston, Holyoke, Martha's Vineyard, and Providence. Galen Ho gave a powerful speech about his business endeavors and how students can guide their lives toward a strong and important education. He spoke about the virtual reality world he is making to push virtual reality technology into the future. Boston Commissioner Morales spoke about the hardships of his youth and how he used his past to make him the man he wanted to be for his family and his community. I was given a great opportunity to speak about my college experience and the importance of collaboration and teamwork. It was a great experience to connect students of different ages with each other and professionals who have important knowledge to share.
-- Chris Aring, Olin College of Engineering 
It was great to meet all the people the Highlander Charter School students who helped us with our community service project - to get warm clothes for new Puerto Ricans in Holyoke.  It wasn’t just our Holyoke community but others that helped us -- which was really amazing! It was a great opportunity to premiere my video about the Puerto Rico disaster and how we helped all the people coming into Holyoke and making sure they were welcomed by us. If there’s anything in this world that I really want is to be successful. The day of my Premiere I really felt that way. I can be successful and chase my dreams. I am so thankful to everyone who’s ever been there and helped me realize. I appreciate everything and every chance I get. My dreams for film are in great vision.
-- Jan Carlos Rivera
Sustainable Holyoke Youth Leadership Initiative

The presentation at the Boston Museum of Science was a very informative and interactive session! We connected with other youth who are pursuing their dreams. We were also able to listen to some great speakers. We got to meet some very interesting people like Mr. Galen Ho, the owner of the VR company, Immersive Worlds.
-- Albert Oredipe Student Council
Highlander Charter School
The Stone Soup Leadership Institute really turned it out for the Job Shadow Day. It was a wonderful trip coming from Martha's Vineyard to Boston. The Boston Museum of Science was packed with great energy and lot of exhibits that taught our youth about science. The cafeteria was huge with plenty to eat. The views were spectacular from the reception in the Skyline Room. Galen Ho and Boston Commissioner Will Morales had so many wonderful stories about people's lives and how they got through difficulties and came out the other side to teach others. God Bless everyone in the Institute's family. This is a very special organization and I'm glad to be a part of it.
-- Pamela Ray
Martha's Vineyard Youth Leadership Initiative

I had a great experience for MVYLI's Job Shadow Day at the Boston Science Museum. It was wonderful to meet so many students from other high school regions. The food was yummy. My greatest experience was meeting wonderful people. Thank you for everyone that help set this Job Shadow Day.

-- Gustavo Ramos
Martha's Vineyard Youth Leadership Initiative  

The MVYLI Job Shadow Day trip to the Museum of Science was a great experience.  It was great to see some of the youth from the last year's Summit. We had lunch and talked about our plans for college soon, and our majors. We had a great time walking around the Museum seeing how incredible it was to see the solar system, the lighthouse, when reflexes take your intention, and illusionism.  It was great to meet Galen Ho, President/CEO and co-founder - Immersive Worlds. I enjoyed hearing how he talked about majoring in the virtual reality world can be an awesome career. He answered questions from the youth from Boston, Providence, Martha’s Vineyard, and Holyoke. It was a great Job Shadow Day!
-- Gabe DaSilva
Martha's Vineyard
Youth Leadership Initiative
Job Shadow Day 2018

Boston Mayor's Youth Council
Highlander Charter School
Martha's Vineyard Youth Leadership Initiative
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