Sept. 20, 2016
Dear Kosciuszko Foundation Members,
As the term of our President comes to an end in November, the Board of Trustees wants your help as we search for a new leader to continue growing the Kosciuszko Foundation.
We thank Prof. John Micgiel for his service as President and Executive Director and on the Kosciuszko Foundation scholarship team that interviewed grant candidates. Prof. Micgiel's association with the foundation dates back to the 1970s, when he was a summer session participant, scholarship grantee and volunteer. Prof. Micgiel also took on a project to restore the Kosciuszko Foundation's artwork. We wish him the best of luck.
The job of President is not easy, and that is why we ask you, our members, to spread the word to qualified candidates that may be interested in applying. The deadline for applying is October 21. The job description and details are attached.
The Kosciuszko Foundation awards $1 million dollars annually in academic grants and promotes Polish culture in America. One of our new initiatives is the Collegium of Eminent Scientists, a network that champions the achievements of Polish scientists in America. To continue these and other projects that promote Polish culture, we need your help and support for the Kosciuszko Foundation, which shares your pride in our heritage.
Thank you for being a member of Polonia's most effective organization.

                                                            Alex Storozynski
                                                            President Emeritus
                                                            Chairman of the Board of Trustees

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