JobSTAR (Support, Talent And Retention) provides a Success Coach and countless resources to help Jackson County employees solve crisis situations that impede their ability to work. Click to find out more!
Coach's Corner
with Scott Walker
The JobSTAR program has been off to a hot start in this New Year! I am pleased to report that more people were served, and more services were provided to employees in January than from the month before. 

I am also proud to announce that Michigan Automotive Compressor (MACI) joined the JobSTAR program in January! I look forward to serving the employees of MACI as I continue to assist all the other valuable employees in the JobSTAR network.

A kind reminder to you all: I can help with things such as health care, food assistance, transportation issues, housing, and child day care. Please contact me by phone, email, or in person if you feel that I can be of help to you. In fact, it's my job to help you--and I'm happy to be here for you!
Scott Walker, Success Coach, JobSTAR
Phone or text: 517-240-0715
JobSTAR Success:
Getting Beyond a Car Repair Barrier
An employee at one of the JobSTAR businesses recently had several significant financial difficulties. Her husband has a disabling condition and cannot work, and this makes her the sole income earner for the household. She expects their income to remain stagnant as her husband awaits a disability determination from the Social Security Administration. 
In January she requested that JobSTAR help her with car repairs. After a household budget was completed it became clear that she did not have extra funds to fix her car. JobSTAR understands that reliable transportation is vital to being successful at work. For this reason, Community Ventures funding was utilized to help pay for the car repairs. She and her Success Coach also worked on a self-sustainability plan, and a realistic strategy was devised for her to address future emergencies and other unexpected costs. The car is now in tip top shape and she is making it to work each day.
Building Trust:
JobSTAR Makes Big Impact
At United Way Program
Assistance Center
From our friends at the United Way Program Assistance Center:

“The relationship that the Program Assistance Center at the United Way has with Scott Walker has truly flourished since the beginning of this Program Year. The staff have really built trust with him and he is a part of the Team. They lovingly call him Pippins and enjoy his presence.

"He has helped a large number of my staff with a wide variety of assistance. The assistance has included, childcare, eviction, SER applications, repairs to vehicles, vehicle insurance and a rental down payment to help one get homed. This is so touching, as my staff mean a great deal to me.
“We are trying to do a great work here at the United Way Program Assistance Center. Receiving calls daily for families that have energy services that are to be disconnected or propane that has run empty and they have no resources to mend the impending disaster that can occur because if this. Scott being able to help my staff with their own, similar crises, allows them to worry less and focus on the client’s situation rather than their own.
“Having Scott work with the employees of the United Way Program Assistance Center has definitely been a success.”
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Thanks to our participating companies : Industrial Steel Treating, Melling Tool, Jackson County Intermediate School District, Lifeways Community Mental Health, John George Home, Jackson Friendly Home, CARE Enrollment Office at United Way of Jackson County.
Thanks to our JobSTAR partners : United Way of Jackson County, Jackson County Chamber of Commerce, Michigan Works! Southeast, Jackson County Department of Health and Human Services, and Family Service & Children's Aid.