How strangely will the Tools of a Tyrant pervert the plain Meaning of Words!

Samuel Adams


"I’m no stranger to baseless attacks—attacks are lodged against us because they’re scared of what we’ve been able to accomplish."

We fought Hitler because we were scared of what else he would be able to accomplish


The Washington Examiner Sums Their Opinion Piece On David Hogg's Constant Harping About Republicans Destroying Democracy:

Gen Z isn’t some special kind of generation that is more enlightened than previous ones. They don’t want intelligent, scholastically competent students. They want left-wing lemmings, speaking and marching in lockstep to promote left-wing agendas. The country’s public education system was infiltrated by left-wing activists decades ago, and society is paying the price for it today.

Baby Said a New Word!

It came just yesterday as he spoke in front of the UN. I did my best to transpose it, but it was difficult due to Biden's fluent mastery of the word. It could overtake "Trnanulamnprsre" as Biden's verbal masterpiece.

Whatever it is, he likes to put it in front of "Insatutions"! Good boy, who's a good baby?

"Mama, nowveeneesavonsowwray"

Blowback Alley


Conservatives Hail Culture War Victory in Ibram X. Kendi Layoffs

NBC News

Student’s LGBTQ mural must be removed from Michigan school, board says



'A Revival Is Happening': Hundreds Choose Christ at Auburn, Get Spontaneously Baptized in a Lake

FOX News

Pennsylvania high school students organize walkout to protest trans bathroom rule: 'Compromised' our rights

New York Post

Biden administration tried to censor this Stanford doctor, but he won in court

Hunter Biden request to appear in court by video rejected by judge

Biden admin is giving $5.5 million to give counseling to journalists who have had their feelings hurt by online trolls. Now THAT is team play

I think news organizations can now stop saying, "X, formerly known as 'Twitter'

Saw an article touting Eric Adams as a possible White House threat. He was an embarrassment as police chief (remember officers getting soaked and nothing being done?) and is a joke as mayor. So yeah, perfect candidate

Trump saying the 'heartbeat' law is a 'terrible idea' is a reminder that opposing life for political capital is a terrible choice

Why do I think Biden's 'Climate Corps' will be jack-booted and not hiking-booted? They'll likely be at your door and not picking up litter or cleaning oil off birds.

John Kirby blamed the border crisis on 'global cooling'

Trump was dead on when he said, "I will ban the mutilation of children," then paused to add, "How crazy is that that I have to say something like that?"

Jeanne Pierre sure refuses to answer a lot of questions for someone whose sole job is to answer questions

As our culture continues to lower its standards the disease has spread to the House, where they have axed the dress code

4 From

Trump Says There Are 'Very Fine People On Both Sides' Of Baby Murder Issue

Trump Brags He Could Abort A Baby On Fifth Avenue And Not Lose Voters

Military Personnel Seen Wandering Forest Pressing Button On F-35 Key Fob

Hunter Biden's Lawyers File Motion to Have Case Tried in Ukraine


The Wall Street Journal

Government Is Hiring This Year and Boosting Pay

Learn how to beaurocrat

UPI News

White House warns of threat of looming government shutdown

Wait, Biden will still be destroying the country, right?

You're the one with the money, chief. You tell me


Anyone seen my F-35? US searches for fighter jet after mishap

what's it look like?


The Results Are In: Bidenomics Is a Complete Failure | Opinion

That's funny, so am I

Did someone call?

Raw Story

Why I don't believe in God

First, a quick joke: a vegan, a cross-fitter, and an atheist walk into a bar. I only know because they told everybody within 30 seconds...

Raw Story

So Anyway...Why I don't believe in God

Raw Story

Okay, I'll Tell You! Why I don't believe in God

Excuse me, hello? Let me share why I don't believe in God...

NBC News

Ultraprocessed foods linked to depression, study finds

Ultra what?


Georg Lukács Diagnosed the Irrationalism at the Heart of Right-Wing Thought


Thanks. That will be all. Good day, sir.


Socialist intellectual Georg Lukács maintained that right-wingers—

DC News Now

Singer Maren Morris leaving country music, blames the ‘Trump years’

So...low records sales are now called 'the Trump years?' Well, there's another genre out there for her...

I got dem ol' virtue signaling blueeeesss...

The New York Times

U.S. National Debt Tops $33 Trillion for First Time

Another first for the Biden Administration

Not as historic as a black, female, lesbian, but still impressive

Not as historic as me, and I don't even know what I am

I was a first!

My dad was my first...

ABC News

Former Oath Keeper Ray Epps, a target of Jan. 6 conspiracy theories, charged by DOJ

After all I did for you guys?

Because Mom Says

17 Disturbing Examples of Toxic Femininity We Can’t Ignore Any Longer

Hold on, does that say 'toxic FEMININITY?'

Is this some new war against women by the trans misfits?

How dare you insinuate that trans people are misfits and are waging a war against women!

Sorry, so the answer is


All dolls have a certain...certain...something that I really dig

Toxic femininity?

Bingo. Without 'toxic femininity', a dame


LA Times

Tens of thousands march in New York, demanding end to warming-causing fossil fuels

Why are you arresting us? We're citizens! We have the right to protest, and the illegals, they...

Just got off the bus from San Antonio

Adios hippies, enjoy jail, we'll write you from your house, and we'll say hello to the darter snail


Scientists warn entire branches of the "Tree of Life" are going extinct

Someone should do something

The Washington Post

Man accused of gunning down neighbor during tree-trimming dispute

ABC News

'Dangerous': Garland blasts House Republicans targeting DOJ officials

Hey, that's dangerous!

NBC News

In fiery hearing, AG Garland tells Congress he doesn't take orders from White House

That's okay, because I don't give orders, I take 'em

Fireworks on the Hill: AG Garland Says He Owns Two Pitbulls Named "Blackrock" and "Vanguard"

Not really on that last one, but would it surprise you?

We own a chihuahua named "Merrick"

Oh, real mature, guys. Arf! Arf! Real mature

Rashida Roundup

(Karens of Color)


California School Teaching That White People Have 'No Culture' Sparks Fury

Are you kidding? They have the

Sportskeeda NBA

"I had white friends that wouldn't get picked up" - Michael Jordan once hinted at racism prevailing in NBA

A'ite, my turn to pick. Just these two left?

Imma take the brother with the glasses

You sure? Okay, I take Larry Bird

That figures, the Uncle Tom step-n-fetch picking whitey

News Nation

Ramaswamy sparks furor with comments on race

“I think there is a pattern here, but to be honest, I will go one step further and say that this is a cornerstone of his campaign,”

There IS a pattern, and that is that liberals turn EVERY issue into a discussion on race so that it must be discussed. I will go one step further and say race-baiting is the cornerstone of the liberal mindset

Hey, he s'pose' to be dead

Wait 'till we bring Rush back, darlin'

This newsletter better start reflecting my strength and intellect by using a different picture of me

Oh, uh-uh, dat thought bubble wannna nest in my 'fro

The Conversation

Racial trauma has profound mental health consequence - a Black clinical psychologist explains and offers 5 ways to heal

And when he said that to you, how did that make you feel?

Iuhno, mat I guess


Yeah, real angry cause DEN he all 'have a nice day' you know, like he can just tell me what to do cause he white an all

'Have a nice day?' Let me ask you something. How much is two-plus- two?

Iohno, ten? You ain't s'pose to ask me no racial questions like dat

I'm afraid you don't need a psychiatrist, you need a tutor


LeVar Burton & 175 other artists denounce "white supremacist" book ban

Yeah, y'all KKK goin' around banning books like Hitler

Racist? Burton and these 175 people are against banning graphic porn in children's schools

Dat true, LeVar, my brotha?

Yeah, but the books are approved by the LGBTQ community, so...

Ergo, the white devil man is being racist. Imma go write some more chants to hand out

Together we make a difference

And extra large coke...

Read it again, sweetie, it doesn't say 'coke'

The Messenger

New York Gov. Hochul to Migrants: ‘If You’re Going to Leave Your Country, Go Somewhere Else’

And that's okay for her to say because...

She Democrat

Yet when they weren't flooding her city she wanted them to flood across the border. Do you see...

I see she Democrat


Man and Home

Gay People Want to Kick Trans People Out of the LGBTQ+ Community


Is Gender Fluidity a Millennial Invention?

You're gettin' warmer...

FOX News

Thousands protest 'gender ideology' in Canada, Trudeau condemns 'transphobia, homophobia, and biphobia'


Aphobia, lesbiphobia...xogenderphobic...

Oh! Panphobia...autiphobia...gendiphobia...uniphobia







What does the 'B' in LGBTQ stand for? The difference between bisexuality and pansexuality.

Nobody cares, bro, but check this out



I don't know how we let today's public servants turn us into their servants, while they flaunt doing everything they throw us in jail for doing. Can't vote them out either because they rig elections. But when America was great you would see these poltroons getting run out of town on a rail covered in tar and chicken feathers. Dig the lady with the umbrella, lol! Hope she got in a few whacks