• Roadshows and Videos Ahead
Sheds of Hope News
December / 22 / 2017
Mission to North America
Disaster Response
Gaining Momentum!
In 2017:
  • 56 Sheds Built
  • 2,800 Hours Donated
  • 7 SmartBenches Deployed
  • 4 Roadshows and 2 Conferences
  • 19 Pre-built Sheds of Hope stored at our Warehouses in Georgia and Texas
Expanding Our Reach in 2018
  • SmartBench – deployment
  • Training videos – planning, shooting, distributing 
  • Roadshows – SmartBench Demonstrations, Training Events

A new thing happened this year! While Lake Oconee was using their SmartBench, they invited Memorial to observe and fine tune their ability to build with speed and accuracy. It's exciting to see how training one church not only provided sheds for future disasters, but helped another church get trained.

Our response to a disaster is only as good as our preparation. Training and proactive planning can help churches be prepared for a disaster near them.
Lake Oconee Presbyterian Church Builds 1st of 16 sheds!
Park Cities Presbyterian Church Group Building at the Dallas Warehouse
Transporting Sheds from San Antonio to Beaumont and Port Arthur
Park Cities Presbyterian Church Extend Team Building in Houston
Your Prayers and Gifts
Move the Ministry Forward!
Thank you for sharing the vision!

Prayer requests:
  • Development of Training Videos
  • Additional Roadshows as we expand our vision and training
  • Safety and protection on the road and at building sites