August 11, 2018


I think some people are waiting for the right moment to feel like they are ready to take on some, extraordinary, goal or challenge. 

I think some people are waiting for someone to recognize their abilities, open a door or offer them a chance to be on their team or company.

If you become a student of history you will see that there have been many times when great events happened as a result of people pushing toward a goal while knowing that they did not have all the "puzzle pieces" in place

They told themselves that "if it's to be it's up to me." They told themselves "I AM" ready for what lies ahead of me. They told themselves "I AM" all that I need to be to climb higher and farther than anyone in my life.

Procrastination (putting off what needs to be done) is the biggest thief of the "I AM" mindset. It steals years...and decades of the lives of millions of people. Instead of having the "I AM" mindset they have the "ONE DAY I WILL" mindset. Their "ONE DAY" never arrives.

Author Brendon Burchard , in the The Motivation Manifesto, writes, "It is time to remind ourselves that today's thoughts and actions become our legacy. When we forget this or lie to ourselves thinking our actions do not matter, we have permission to act as momentary buffoons. We let ourselves break, just this once, from our values. We cheat, just this once. We lie, just this once. We put off the hard task, just this once. We skip the workout, just this week. We take the drink, just one more. And soon we find that each of these little breaks in our will leads to another, and then to a lifetime of compromise and regret. Without vigilance, what is right and strong about the human spirit can be whittled away and broken forever."

You do not need someone else's permission to have an "I AM" mindset. What you tell your mind, about you, your body will react to it.
Human beings are the only mammals with that power. If you tell yourself that you are not ready to do something outside your comfort zone you will see "signs" that what you believe is true.

Eric Thomas - WHAT'S YOUR WHY (Eric Thomas Motivation)
Eric Thomas - WHAT'S YOUR WHY (Eric Thomas Motivation)

If you have an "I AM" mindset you will begin to see "signs" that echo the fact that you can achieve anything...anything and have the ability to translate them into motivation for your life.

Your ability to make a decision to take personal responsibility for your life and success is very important. Personal responsibility has been the foundation of all successful people throughout history.

YOU are ready for a life of "I AM." In addition to changing how you think you have to program yourself to learn how to interact with people in a way that brings out the best in them

In other words, become more interested in helping them than helping yourself. The most successful people, throughout history, who mastered the "I AM" mindset sought out people to lift inspire.

There is a heavy price to acquire an "I AM" mindset. One of the biggest costs is that you have to stay away from the negative people in your life. These people will shred your "I AM" mindset and feed you all kind of reasons why you cannot achieve success.

On March 30, 2013 my daughter Juliana (by that time had fought cancer three times) said, "If there's something in your way...move it."

Now, go develop your "I AM" life and change the world for the better.

I Believe in you!

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