The Evolution continues...

Over the last several years, John Deere has worked to develop the industry leading data platform – giving users the ability to analyze data, share data with others, and make insightful decisions that lead to increased yields and reduced costs.

The John Deere Operations Center allows growers and those that support them anytime, anywhere access to data with an internet connection. John Deere has been committed to developing innovative farm management tools and continuously improving them. 

Our platform goes beyond competitors’ offerings as being the most open in the industry, allowing users to work with over 80 software providers through APIs for additional services without the need for a manual data migration. Data layers from these other providers are finding their way back into Operations Center; making it the hub for the entire farm operation.  JDLink™ Connect still plays a critical role in getting data from the field automatically to the Operations Center to provide a quicker turn-around of analysis and recommendations for the next job (plant, apply, harvest, etc.). JDLink also enables the MyOperations™ app – to provide anywhere, anytime data access when using the app. Finally, we make inter-operability easy with competitive display compatibility, so customers with mixed-fleets only need one farm management system to work from.  

What’s New?
The latest release of the John Deere Operations Center, mobile apps, JDLink™ system, and online tools occurred on 24 May 2018. Updates included in this release were:
Manage boundaries with new editing tools and boundary creation in Land Manager:
  • Create and edit internal and external boundaries
  • Area calculations with farmable area (external and internal boundary areas)
  • Guidance tracks and boundaries more easily identified by clicking on the map or list on the panel
  • Hand draw new boundaries
  • Create boundaries from previous operations (from map/field details)
  • Add or edit fields, farms, and client (plus button from Fields panel) functionality will release after final test validation.

MyOperations app sprayer reports include weather:
  • Local weather for that day and time from the AccuWeather® application programming interface (API)
  • Start and stop time for each operation

Task identifier added to Jobs: 
  • Identify and name jobs.
  • Application jobs can be identified by pre-emerge, post emerge, side-dress, late season y-drop, and more.
  • Tillage jobs can be identified by field cultivator, combination ripper, the implement name used on the farm, and more.

Crop Plan and Jobs can help populate setup files: 
Quickly transfer detailed job plans into a setup file. This helps get the right products, fields, machines, and guidance tracks in the display.

Release notes and how-to information will be available in the Operations Center Online Help to support changes included in this update. 

The evolution continues beyond today.
The future looks bright as we diligently work to bring more functionality into the Operations Center throughout 2018. The following information provides a glimpse at key enhancements that will be released in the future along with more detail about the features. 

Features Available January - May 2018
  • Connect Mobile
  • Compatibility with MY18 Sprayers
  • Able to use Gen 4 as the WDS
  • WDS is still required for planters
  • Product Manager capability to manage tank mixes
  • MyJobManager app to send job details to operators
  • Land Manager capability to manage boundaries
  • MyOperations ability to view MY18 combine settings in real time
  • Merged MyAnalyzer into MyOperations
  • Team Manager replaces Organization tool in Operations Center

Feature Releases Coming Soon: 

  • Field Analyzer updates delivered via Field Analyzer Beta
  • Ability to do more analysis
  • Overlay maps with transparencies
  • Detailed field analysis
  • Ability to see new data via map layers:
  • Additional layers available at the client, farm, and field level
  • Additional layers available from seeding documentation data
  • Additional layers available for harvest documentation data
  • Additional layers available for self-propelled forage harvester documentation
  • Additional layers available from application documentation data:
  • Elevation
  • Fuel rate per hour
  • Air temperature
  • Relative humidity
  • Wind speed
  • Soil temperature
  • Prescription rate
  • Quality (target vs. applied)
  • Quality (prescription vs. applied)
  • Target application height
  • Mobile Weather (Air Temperature, Humidity, Wind Speed, Delta T)
  • Additional layers available for tillage documentation data:
  • Elevation
  • Fuel rate per hour
  • Air temperature
  • Relative humidity 
  • Wind speed
  • Soil temperature
  • Prescription pressure
  • Prescription depth
  • Boundary – import shapefile boundaries
  • Manual data routing for Gen 4 display WDT data sync files
  • Prescription preview from field details
  • Jobs / Crop Planner – add product(s), show notes, copy job, report filtering, additional work questions, group by work descriptor
  • View Operations Center data in Connect mobile for previously recorded layers
  • Use field review feature in split-screen mode to view the following Operations Center data for prior operations.
  • You can also still view all the quality data layers recorded on your device with Connect Mobile from previous operations during your current operation via a split-screen view.
  • Harvest data calibration by machine turned on for all organizations
  • Profitability (Granular Profit Maps)
  • Enhanced connected software provider functionality
  • Flags in Land Manager and setup builder
  • Operator and license number in Team Manager & Setup Builder
  • Archive guidance tracks, boundaries, fields
  • Connect Mobile adds the Harvest Operation; making Planting, Spraying, and Harvest all available in Connect Mobile
  • MyOperations adds the ability to adjust machine settings remotely for harvest
  • MyJobs app enables monitoring last location closer to real time to track mixed fleets at a lower cost than dedicated telematics devices. 

Future Functionality Planned:

  • Import machine offsets, products, tank mixes
  • Updates to prescription creator by Agrian and management of prescription files
  • Report updates
  • Field Analyzer updates
  • Connect Mobile Planting, Spraying and Harvest map layer integration into Field Analyzer Beta
  • Additional data editing capabilities including bulk and batch data editing
  • Manually document field operations
  • Additional JDLink web functions coming in JDLink Dashboard
  • Enhanced connected software provider functionality
  • Compatibility with Trimble documentation data
  • Compatibility with TopCon seeding documentation data
  • Jobs – include tank mixes
  • Row Unit Analysis for Connect Mobile
  • Performance metrics for Harvest in MyOperations

Display and CommandARM™ Simulator update 3.10.0
The Display and CommandARM™ Simulator 3.10.0 release has added new and updated simulations in the Web Browser User Interface. Log into to access.

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