Volume 1, Issue 1 | May 2017
Welcome to the First Issue of 
The Monthly Leader!

The Monthly Leader serves as a monthly delivery of Coach It Out (CiO) insights on leadership development, intersecting both professional and personal development. This newsletter will provide a broad exposure to concepts and ideas through its various sections.

You're receiving this newsletter because I've worked with you in the past, whether on projects or as a coach, we've spoken about leadership, shared ideas as entrepreneurs, you've supported CiO's development, or because I hope we can work together in the future.

The work CiO does draws from all those conversations and experiences so The Monthly Leader is your go-to resource from which you can take and to which you can provide ideas, opinions, and reflections.

Within The Monthly Leader...

...take a look at the...
  • Blog Posts from the Coach It Out website
  • Checklists for your own assessment & reflection
  • Quotes based on different ideas and approaches to development
  • Recommended Articles based on the topic of Your Monthly Check-In 
  • Service Spotlight profiling a different service CiO provides in each issue

...reach out to participate in the...

  • Coach It Out Podcasts - Listen, contribute to a topic, or recommend a guest
  • The Leadership Exchange - Fill out a questionnaire to contribute your leadership and industry knowledge, thoughts and experiences for the development of others
  • Question of the Month - Contribute an answer to provide your take on the topic

Also...Forward This Newsletter to whomever you think would find the material interesting and helpful.

CiO has worked with various demographics, industries, and professions and, therefore, I know leadership is not limited to any one particular group. We can begin thinking about leadership at any age as long as we’re curious about it.  Anyone can be curious and learn about their own leadership style.

You don’t need a leadership title to determine, realize, and refine what you can contribute to the environment around you to make it better.

Please keep that in mind as you take a look around and see what value you can draw from The Monthly Leader.

As always, don't hesitate to shoot me an email if you need anything or have any feedback, ideas or recommendations on any of the material here.

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John M. Jaramillo
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Recent Coach It Out Blog Posts
Your Monthly Check-In 
Topic:  Development

What are your professional, personal and leadership development goals this year?

What do you want to enhance, improve, or adjust in your life and/or career?

What are the next steps you plan to take?

What resources and support do you need to meet and exceed those goals?

Need Some Unusual Motivation?

Great Reads on Development

Here are some great articles to begin your steps of assessment in each of the development categories.
The Leadership Exchange

The Leadership Exchange section of The Monthly Leader will include questionnaires from people across various fields, professions, and points in career. It will serve as a representation of various views and perspectives of leadership. This exposure to other ideas is important to our own growth and development. We can all benefit by reading about people we might not necessarily meet in our day-to-day lives. We can all inspire each other more than we might know.

Here is a sample to get an idea of the kind of information we can share. 


The questionnaire customizes questions to the student experience. Through it, students are asked to assess their own view of and development in leadership. It's also their opportunity to convey to leaders what they're looking for in a leader.

Here are the questions for Students.
Recent Graduate

This questionnaire asks those who graduated within the last two years to compare what their expectation of leadership lessons was before they graduated and how it compares to their real world experience since they left school. This helps bridge students into real world leadership.

Here are the questions for Recent Graduates.

This questionnaire asks those who have been firmly established in their careers to assess & re-examine their lessons so that others can gain insight, tips, and understanding of the field in which the professional works.

Here are the questions for Professionals.

This questionnaire seeks to learn more about what it is that drives our entrepreneurs and how their lessons in leadership both shaped their initial goals and continue to drive them to work toward their successes.

Here are the questions for Entrepreneurs.
Podcasts - Coming Soon
The Coach It Out Podcasts seek to provide insight to you based on various topics, across the series listed below.

Success in anything is about sharing ideas and starting discussions.

Check out the introductory episodes for these podcasts  here .

What would you like to hear about? What would you like to discuss? Send some ideas...
Coach It Out Quickshots...

...will provide more depth on the issues, ideas, and concepts covered in the CiO Blog Posts. Episodes will provide deeper commentary regarding the  need for that post, topic, and advice. It will also include additional background and perspective beyond what's in the blog post.

Coach It Out & The Self 60...

...will cover the items on  The Self 60 list. Each episode will delve into each item on the list.  The list was originally created with soon-to-be college graduates in mind, in order to build, refine, and maintain their own development, but its lessons are applicable to all of us.
Coach It Out's In The Books...

...will  cover and review books from various genres, which can contribute to leadership, such as Management, Organizational Development, Productivity, Self-Help, Success, etc. If you have any recommendations, please let me know.
    Coach It Out
    With Everyday Leaders... 

    ...will provide in-depth conversations with leaders from whom we can learn how it is they make an impact and influence their environments for the better. These leaders don't necessarily need to lead organizations. There are lessons everywhere. We just need to seek them out.
    If you know of anyone who you believe would be a great interview for 
    Coach It Out With Everyday Leaders, p lease submit a recommendation.
    Question of the Month

    How do you keep yourself accountable? Do you have an accountability partner? Or do you have a group within which everyone keeps each other accountable with regard to reaching their goals? What is your arrangement? How often do you meet?

    Submit Your Answer for inclusion in the Answer section in an upcoming issue of The Monthly Leader.

    Service Spotlight:
    Student One-on-One Coaching
    One of CiO's One-on-One Coaching services includes leadership development for high-school and college students who are either continuing their education or entering the workforce.

    The customized coaching sessions include:
    • A General Coaching Assessment
    • Leadership Development Exercises
    • Detailed & Continuing Goal Planning

    Email CiO for free consultation and pricing

    End Quotes
    “You can’t only explain the actions that were taken to which you said “yes” but you should  also explain why you said “no” to certain moves, requests, or strategies.” (Read More)

    "Don't seek to copy a leader's image as if you were their mirror.  Look for the possibilities in your own reflection." (Read More)

    "True leadership is not limited to the ability in one environment but can be elevated through overall characteristics that allow someone to learn and evolve, no matter the environment."  (Read More)