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This Sunday's Worship

Join us this Sunday, March 19 at 10:00 AM

"Our Fruitful Service"

Psalm 24

Matthew 7:13-20

10:00 AM

In person: Sanctuary

Digitally: YouTube, Facebook, or John Knox App

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Liturgist: Bob Phillis

Audio Visual: Kyle Parker

Ushers: Stevie Greene, John Adamson, John Kendall, Jon Nelson, and Tommy Dowling (Head Usher)

Easter Flower Form

It’s almost time for our annual Easter Egg Hunt! All of our children and their families are invited! This is a fun-filled event sponsored by our John Knox Youth for children of all ages. We will gather on the front lawn of John Knox on Sunday, April 2, from 3:00 – 4:00. Bring your family and friends! We will have a time for visiting with friends, searching for eggs, and eating some sweet treats.


We hope many of you will join us for this great day of fun and fellowship! We are asking for candy donations. If you’d like to donate candy for the eggs, you can leave it in Susan’s office anytime between now and March 26. (Best if it’s not chocolate! It tends to melt!) Thanks in advance! 

John Knox Youth Ministry

Testimony by Sophie deMaine

My favorite youth group memory is definitely our late night beach trip after keynote during Fun In The Son this past summer! Hearing everyone laugh and have a good time after spending such meaningful time with the Lord made me so happy. 

I have learned how to work well with a group during my time in JKYM! There are so many different personalities that you really just get an ability to make friends and work together with anyone you meet. 

I’m so incredibly grateful for Steve Meggs. He has been a part of the youth group for as long as I’ve been there, and he adds such a sincere and thoughtful presence to all of our chaos and excitement. 

Please come hangout with us! We don’t bite, I promise. I can guarantee that it will be one of the most meaningful, exciting and rewarding experiences of your life. We love meeting new people, and can’t wait to make you a part of our family. 

I have seen God at work in the spaces between Sunday nights. Every week, we all come back and are full of stories to share about God’s glory that we experienced in our lives. Even if we don’t see each other every day, there’s such a strong bond between everyone, and I know that that bond can only be a gift from God.

Youth group means everything to me. It has given me some of my closest and most meaningful relationships, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Donate to I'm In 2023!

We will be spreading pine straw and a group will also be working in the kitchen. We will meet at 8:30 am and should be finished by noon. P&O will provide coffee, water and snacks. Come help us beautify our campus for a few hours.

Your John Knox Christian Mission and Outreach Committee (CMO) learned that Greer Relief’s food pantry shelves look pretty bare these days. We want to remind you of how to donate—we have collection bins for Greer Relief in the outer narthex and in the church office or you can use the Amazon Wish List link provided below. Please consider picking up some items for Greer Relief the next time you shop. While they will welcome any non-perishable donations, the list above highlights current urgent needs. 


And, if you have time for a new volunteer commitment, consider Greer Relief—they currently need Monday volunteers (but, of course, they will welcome any and all people who are willing to give of their time and energy). Click the link to get started https://greerrelief.org/volunteer/ .


“For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me.” Matthew 25: 35

If you can't donate in person, consider using the Greer Relief Amazon Wishlists:

Food & Hygiene Pantry Wishlist

Clerk’s Report


The Session of John Knox Presbyterian Church met on Sunday, February 19, 2023 at 6:00 PM, in the Conference Room for the Session’s monthly Stated Meeting. Following are some of the items discussed:



1.   The 2023 Year to Date financials were reviewed. They had a strong carryover balance from 2022.

2.   They are progressing with the search for a new Youth Ministries leader.

3.   With Rev. Howell’s departure they are thinking about the shape of the position.

4.   The Session approved a Love Offering for David. At his request, all proceeds will be given to the Youth Ministry program of the Greenville Chin Presbyterian Church.

Christian Education

1.   There is an ongoing discussion about how to increase the number of children and youth in the Sunday School programs.

2.   The Children’s Ministry is starting a new unit, “Jesus Teaches”.

3.   The Adult Sunday School classes are doing well.

Christian Mission & Outreach

1.   The CMO Series of programs is being actively planned.

2.   They have attended a zoom presentation on refugee resettlement.

3.   Lake Forest Elementary School program involvement continues and is well received.

4.   There is an ongoing discussion about Local versus Global focus for our Mission efforts.  


1.   The Session approved the following folks for membership at John Knox:

David Gregory by Transfer of Letter from Praise Cathedral in Greer, SC.

Ray and Frances Smith by Transfer of Letter from Greenville ARP Church.

2.  Adopt-a-Highway went well yesterday with 12 folks participating.


Wednesday Night Suppers and Sunday Luncheons are planned out through May.

Music and Worship

The upgrade of the Sanctuary A/V system has been a prime focus. The session approved the new A/V system, pending completion of the funding plan. Caleb Stephens presented a brief description of the work, including:

a.   The pew modifications to accommodate the new control booth.

b.   The live feed to the Security Office.

c.    The location of the two screens and the projectors (avoid conflict with Christmas Trees).

d.   Quarterly service agreement and user training.


1.   In-Home Communion program is going well with 8 servers and 13 participants.

2.   $15 Christmas gift cards were given to 26 students.

3.   Respite Care planning is ongoing.

4.   Serving Saturday is next set for May 6.

5.   They are looking to implement training for Care Companions.

 Property & Operations

1.   The coat rack was installed with hooks in foyer by Kitchen.

2.   The Kitchen ice maker is repaired and working.

3.   They will be changing our office phone system.

4.   The Session approved the replacement of the PDO wing air conditioning systems.

5.   They are investigating the cost and feasibility of the Sanctuary boiler replacement.

Children’s Ministry – Susan Felton

1.   Reported that she enjoyed the workshops at the recent conference that she attended in Birmingham, Alabama.

2.   The kids prepared 35 Valentine’s cards on February 10 for the In-Home Ministry.

3.   Vacation Bible School will be June 25 thru 28.

4.   Day and overnight camps are available this summer with $100 camperships for our children.

Dr. Gordon Turnbull

1.   Thanked Steve, Barry and Annalynn for their work with our youth.

2.   Reminded folks of the “I’m In” campaign and encouraged support.

3.   Gordon will be leading the Confirmands this spring.

4.   Confirmation Sunday is Mother’s Day.

5.   Expressed his gratitude for David Howell and his service.

Rev. David Howell

1.   Thanked Gordon and the staff at J/K.

2.   Expressed his love and thanks to all at John Knox during his time here.


Dick Powers

Clerk of Session

In this season of concern, the Church’s witness of service and caring is more important than ever. John Knox is doing all we can to continue our ministry in ways that keep us connected to God and to each other. Please continue your offerings so that we can serve fully throughout this time of need.

Ways to give:
  • Mail your contributions to the church at 35 Shannon Dr., Greenville, SC 29615
  • Set up electronic payments through your financial institution
  • Use the John Knox app: click on “Give”

Thank you for prioritizing the ministry of Jesus Christ in your financial life.



17 - Henry Reichen

18 - Kathy Hopkins

18 - Benton Gailey

19 - Betty Lewis, Bill Mathews, Lacie deMaine, Jim Grigsby, Courtney Garrett

20 - Debbie Smith, David Herd

21 - Carter Moore

22 - Susan Boswell, Jordan Campbell, Tricia Parker

By the Numbers

Sunday, March 12

In Person: 210

Livestream: 38

Weekly Offering Received: $12,212

Weekly Budgeted Offering: $16,601

YTD Offering Received: $200,217

YTD Budgeted Offering: $182,615

Please email all submissions for Steepletalk to [email protected]. For Thursday publication, information must be received by Tuesday at 12 PM.

Edited by Mandy Scott

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