Running for Re-Election!

As you may have seen , I recently announced my candidacy for re-election to the 135th General Assembly District (Easton, Redding and Weston) – i.e. , the seat I held for three terms from 2011 to 2017. (You will recall that I did not run for a fourth term, opting instead to run for US Congress against Jim Himes in 2016.) 

During the last three years, however, I have remained engaged and involved, determined to help right our course. Unfortunately, Connecticut continues to move in the wrong direction, and your current State Rep -- a Democrat who defeated my Republican successor in 2018 -- is only making things worse.   

We are all suffering a decrease in our home values, an increase in our property and income taxes, and the continued erosion of our local resources. Meanwhile, our neighboring states see growth and employment booms, while we continue to lag behind. As I wrote on my last day in office in January 2017:

“The flight of population and employers can no longer be denied.
This pain will continue into this year and beyond unless and
until we shrink the size and burn rate of our state government.”

Talk is cheap, but great schools, good roads and a clean environment are not. If re-elected my focus will once again be on:

  • creating a stable tax and regulatory environment to boost job creation, business opportunities and home values;
  • asserting local control of education and land use, and opposing forced regionalization of schools and services; and
  • pursuing sensible solutions that help people, rather than symbolic gestures to generate press releases.

But to get back to Hartford, I need your help!   We need to raise funds to fuel the effort and trigger additional campaign grant money. The maximum donation is $270 per individual, but any amount is appreciated and will help us win back the seat.
Please donate now so we can start returning promise and prosperity to our great State.

Thank you for your support!       
Paid for by Shaban For State Rep, Wendy Bowditch, Treasurer. Approved by John T. Shaban.