Lawn & Garden

Tired of winter and already thinking of spring? If so, make plans to attend our virtual series of gardening classes. Presented by our Extension Master Gardeners, these classes provide practical information as well as some new tips and tricks.

Winter temperatures can swing rapidly. In January, we came close to 60 degrees, and then within 48 hours, we were on the edge of a blizzard. The up and down temperatures can affect us, but what about the plants? See how winter swings can be harmful to the landscape.

Is dirt soil? Why can’t it be simple! In this article, we sort out the confusion in the different names and types of soils that can be used in the landscape.

We hang our head low and just shake it. No matter how much we try to spread the word, people still murder their trees, thinking they are “doing the right thing.” We have seen several trees topped this winter. Here why it is wrong, just so wrong!

It's time to start your onion plants for the season! These plants take the longest to grow so get your onion seeds and start the process so you'll have them summer!

Want to help support an organization that supports others? Why not join JCEEF! Due to COVID-19, things are still anything but normal, so memberships are discounted. Read more here or watch our video above!

Gardening is going to provide your family more than just some fresh fruits and vegetables! It is a wonderful learning experience for your kids! Learn about the value of having a family run garden.
Home & Family
We have all spent the last ten months staring at our loved ones and coworkers through a screen. Are you starting to feel tired of looking at a screen all day? Learn how to rest your eyes and your brains while maintaining your work productivity.

Brown sugar is a staple in most households, but that begs the question, what is brown sugar really and what happens when it expires? Join us as we walk through the properties of brown sugar.


Every five years the Dietary Guidelines for Americans are updated. This gives advice on what to eat and drink to meet your nutritional needs. We broke it down for you!
Agriculture & Natural Resources

Did you know that bugs can overwinter in your home? If you have been spotting flys around your house on the warmer winter days, this may be the case for you!
The Johnson County Extension Office is open. For the safety of our staff, volunteers and public please set up an appointment so we can take additional precautions for you and our staff. Face to face programming has been restricted until March 31, 2021. Virtual programming will be a continued offer.
Keep checking our website as more virtual classes go live at or call 913-715-7000. Thank you all for your patience and understanding.
In Partnership Together
K-State Research and Extension is committed to making its services, activities and programs accessible to all participants. Reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities may be requested by contacting Johnson County Extension at (913) 715-7000. Notify staff of accommodation needs as early as possible.