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When I sculpted my first figure in 1989, I used a paring knife with the tip broken off as my sculpting tool.  As I progressed and developed my skill I realized just how important the sculpting tool was.  I purchased a porcelain cleaning tool made by the Kemper Tool Company and used that as my sculpting tool.  I felt that it was better than the broken paring knife, but it needed refining.  I called the Kemper Tool Company and asked to speak to the owner to see if I could buy a tool that was refined and made specifically for sculpting.  Soon I was speaking with the President, Mr. Herb Stampfl.  I told Herb that I wanted a tool that I could sculpt with, make ears, and fingernails.  He said if you will design it, I can make it.  I designed a tool that I called the Johnston 3-1 tool and sent him a few pictures.  He liked the idea and said he would make it, but it would be best if I was there to make the first one.  

It seemed like an opportunity that I couldn't miss out on, so I scheduled to fly to Chino, California and work with him to make the first tool.  We thought that since I was going to fly to Chino I should teach a class at the Kemper Tool Company while I was there.  Herb and I found that we had a great deal in common, he was my age, we were both pilots and both loved designing.  We formed a lifelong friendship and designed the first Kemper Johnston 3-1 JPS (Johnston Primary Sculpting Tool).  Since 1993 we have made and sold tens of thousands of Johnston 3-1 tools.  

It became a very important tool in the world of one-of-a-kind doll making.  I've used the same tool for 25 years and couldn't sculpt without it.  The tools that Kemper makes for me are fine tools, but as each one is hand made they need to be retouched before I send them out to my artist friends.  I hand shape and polish each tool before we ship them out to our customers.  A few years ago it became evident that miniature dolls were the future in doll making, so I customized the tool to accommodate making miniature figures.  The customized tool has become so popular that I spend time to personally customize every tool I sell.  I shape the primary sculpting end to fit the size of figure the artist is sculpting from life scale to micro mini figures.  

Each end of the tool does a different job.  The Primary sculpting end sculpts the large area such as the basic ear shape.

Shaping the basic ear is done with the Primary sculpting tool.  Using the flat side of the primary tool I smooth and shape the ear.

I use the rounded end of the tool to form the lines inside the ear.  This line is called the helix.  The tool is made in the exact shape of the helix, so I simply draw a backward "C" shape into the basic ear and make the helix.

Next I use the same tool to put in the conch (named after the conch shell).  I also shape the lobe, Antihelix, Tragus and Ingtertragical notch.  

By pressing the ear tool into the Antihelix, I form the Triangular Fossa.  Making each part of the ear is done using the shape of the tool.  I feel like the tool does the work for me, I really don't do much sculpting, I just let the tool shape the ear parts.  


Making the ear has become so easy to make using the 3-1 tool that I have designed an ear guide to follow when you make ears.  

This ear guide tool helps to put each of the parts of the ear into the basic shape of the ear.  This guide helps to make the left ear, once it is finished on the figure just put the ear up to a table mirror and it will automatically turn it from a left ear into a right ear.  Now you may sculpt the other side of the figure.  

Role the ear tool over and you have the fingernail tool.  It is shaped like a fingernail mold.  Just press it down into the edges of the fingernail and you have a nail.  You can slide the tool from side to side to make the nail as large or as small as you wish to make it.  In this image I made a miniature hand and fingernail.  In the image below I sculpted a life scale hand. 

When I made a life scale Santa I used my hands as my model and sculpted the fingernails using the same tool that I used above in making a miniature.  Once you master the concept of rolling the tool from side to side you can make any size fingernail you like.  

Collect the customized Johnston 3-1 tool and receive the Ear Guide free...

 I would like to make this tool and the ear guide available to all of my friends and fellow artists.  You may order the customized 3-1 tool to fit your sculpting needs and receive a free "Ear Guide" with your order.  The Ear Guide is valued at $12.95.  Click on this link to collect the Johnston 3-1 tool customized to fit your sculpting needs.   You may have this $29.90 set for only $16.95.  We have a limited number of tools available, so we are only making this offer until the 4th, or until we are out of tools.  Just put a note in the memo section of your order and let me know what size of doll you are making and I will hand make the tool to fit your sculpting needs. 

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Free Technical Advice...
You will always receive  FREE TECHNICAL ADVICE from Master Artist  Jack Johnston.  Just call our toll free number at 800-290-9998  within the USA and Canada.  It also works in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean Territories.  You may speak directly with Jack by calling 801-510-3006. He is easy to talk to, he is not only a friend to doll makers, he is a fellow artist. 


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