Issue #14
Dear Customers:

Here’s the latest edition of Johnstone Supply’s In Focus.

We’re anticipating the change of seasons and beginning our transition toward heating season. Look for us to continue this theme through September.

Today we are looking into opportunities to improve service profitability.

I suspect you may have already heard from business coaches and/or consultants that you should set-up your service team as its own department. No doubt you’ve also been introduced to flat-rate pricing and its advantages.

In Focus couldn’t be effective covering topics with such a broad scope. We are going to let you work on those big-picture ideas on your own.

Instead, we are going to keep it relatively simple this week. We will start out with a snapshot of how service performs financially from a “national average” perspective to shed some light on areas that may need attention.

And without making any assumptions on how you structure your service team or your pricing model, we are going to promote a simple message: universal parts make dollars and sense!

And if you agree, we will turn our focus on a few of our favorite universal truck-stock items you may want to consider.

You should expect follow-up on today’s In Focus from your Johnstone Supply Territory Manager. They will happy to discuss this in detail and answer any questions you may have.

I appreciate your time this morning. 
Craig Coletti
Johnstone Supply - Director of Dealer Development
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Daikin Ductless Service & Troubleshooting
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