Issue #17
Dear Customers:

In today’s In Focus we are reviewing trends in new construction and how they affect the HVAC industry.

We start by looking back at how local area residential developments have changed over 30 years. Then we will focus in on the latest innovations in equipment. Our goal is to help you maximize your results and growth.

We will discuss the main consumer benefits associated with using the latest gear, and how these products can improve the overall consumer comfort experience. By fully understand the benefits, we can better frame our thinking and our conversations.

We are also teeing-up a major new Fujitsu product launch.

You can see the teaser by clicking the video below.

Johnstone Supply will unveil the full details in next week’s In Focus. So, make sure to watch for next week’s Constant Contact e-mail too.

But to fully appreciate our excitement about Fujitsu’s game-changer, please download and walk-through this week’s materials to better understand the opportunity.

You should expect follow-up on today’s In Focus from your Johnstone Supply Territory Manager. They will happy to discuss this issue in detail and answer any questions you may have.

I appreciate your time this morning.
Craig Coletti
Johnstone Supply - Director of Dealer Development