Issue #20
Dear Customers:

In today’s In Focus, we cover an easy opportunity for you in the “Smart Home” area. It’s so simple, you won’t end-up getting in over your head.

I start with a simple premise. Many of your customers do not want to do it themselves when it comes to something as critical as HVAC.

And those that do want to do it themselves, probably already have.

Inside today’s materials you’ll find:

1)   A quick review of smart thermostats to keep on your truck
2)   A rebate program that helps you sell higher-end controls
3)   A new limited-time offer on two suggested truck-stock thermostats

You should expect follow-up on today’s In Focus from your Johnstone Supply Territory Manager. They will be happy to discuss this issue in detail and answer any questions you may have.

I appreciate your time this morning.
Craig Coletti
Johnstone Supply - Director of Dealer Development