For The Week Of May 26 th - 29 th
Dear Customers:

Here’s the fourth edition of Johnstone Supply’s virtual sales call, and the official renaming of this communication tool. We are all growing a little weary of the word virtual. So please welcome your new edition of Johnstone Supply “In Focus.”

As we eagerly anticipate transitioning into Phase 2 of Washington State’s re-opening, we have readied our showrooms to invite you back in, safely. We also would like to understand how and when you would like us to transition back in to visiting your offices – but only when you’re sure you’re ready. 

Until then, and maybe well beyond, we will continue to deliver this weekly update.

This week we are introducing a new resource manual to use when you’re considering VRVS as an option for your customers. With the continued drive toward both high efficiency and electrification, we know your comfort level with this flexible product platform will help drive more profitable business.

We are also updating you on available consumer rebates and a special offer available only through Johnstone Supply.

Your Johnstone Supply rep will follow-up with you to review this material in detail and answer any questions you may have.

Thanks for your time this morning. We at Johnstone Supply hope you enjoyed a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. We also we hope you took a minute to remember those who gave so much for us to live free in this great country.

Thank you,

Craig Coletti
Johnstone Supply - Director Of Dealer Development