The right event for you...

There are a lot of ways to be part of AFTD's Food for Thought grassroots campaign, which takes place from 

October 4th through 11th, 2015.


Food for Thought Logo

Food for Thought events require just two things: 
food and some form of FTD education!


Tori Tinsley,  pictured with her mom, planned an  event  to  help others realize:  "There is a whole community here  that can help us!"

For last year's campaign, Tori Tinsley planned a low-key bake sale. "Even though I only raised a small amount of money in selling my mom' s chocolate chip cookies, I was able to connect with so many people who either knew of someone with FTD, or who wanted to know more about it.

If we can shed light on FTD, we let others out there know they are not alone in this fight. That's why I will continue to participate... and why I hope there are more and more events like this that will help bring us together to take on FTD."




It's a great time to plan an event! Fill out the Food for Thought contact form and put your state on the map!