Working with the Adelphoi MST Program is an exciting career path! We recently asked Julianna Ohler, MST Supervisor in Westmoreland County, a few questions about her career with Adelphoi.
Julianna and her family.

Where did you attend college and what was your major?
I went to Washington & Jefferson College. I started out the Pre-Health track there; however, I took every psychology class offered and did a Neuroscience emphasis, so I was in the lab A LOT in addition to the soccer field (I played all 4 years in college).  I then entered IUP's Community Counseling program the fall after I graduated from college. During graduate school, I worked a few years as a research specialist for Western Psych until I graduated & started with Adelphoi.  I also was able to get my LPC while working at Adelphoi in 2015 as well.
What do you like about your current role at Adelphoi?
For my current role with Adelphoi, my favorite thing about my current position is the challenge of our cases. I love that I am forced to "think harder" on a daily basis. We deal with some pretty intense behavioral issues and it really keeps me on my toes.  I like the fact that I have to keep myself reading/researching and collaborating with other colleagues to conceptualize cases. Some other things that I really like is the flexibility of my work schedule and my team/PD/other supervisors/consultants that I work with on a daily basis.   I'm surrounded by very intelligent and supportive staff every day which makes the hard days more manageable and good days more fun.
Why would you recommend a job with Adelphoi MST?
I would recommend a job with Adelphoi MST because there is no other job out there that is going to give one this kind of therapeutic experience. No coursework, training, etc. will give a therapist this kind of firsthand experience in navigating in-home family therapy, dealing with county agencies/referral sources, and learning proper documentation in this field.  I would also recommend MST since we hold very high standards with our quality of work, so anyone who likes to work hard and enjoys a challenge would be a great fit.
Tell us a little bit about you.
I got affiliated with Adelphoi while completing my practicum and internships during graduate school. I was an intern at the partial program as well as Benet Home.  My husband and I have a 1 year old daughter, Olivia, who keeps us on our toes and is finally learning to sleep (fingers crossed)!  I love my dog & working out to keep my sanity!

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