James Shore is All About Agile
in Upcoming Webinar
A lot has changed since the early days of Agile. In a webinar on July 18th, Agile technical practices coach James Shore will be analyzing all the changes to Agile over the last 20 years, since its inception with the Agile Manifesto. Come learn about the technical underpinnings of Agile and how they lead to true business agility.
Answering Your Enterprise System Questions

Recently, Ying Ki Kwong and host Phil Lew discussed reducing risks to outsourced enterprise system projects. The webinar audience had so many questions for the pair that they couldn’t get to them all — so they turned to the PNSQC blog. Read this post to dive deeper into penalty clauses with contractors, Agile in contracting, and more.
“Think your best thoughts, speak your best words,
work your best works.”
-Susan B. Anthony