April 10, 2019 
Join the   California Housing Partnership 
at our Housing California Conference 
Institutes and Workshops!

The 2019  Housing California Conference  kicks off this  Monday , April 15th  in Sacramento.  The  California Housing Partnership is  proud that our team of experts will be moderating and speaking in 12  workshops and institutes this year on a variety of topics including affordable housing finance and policy. 

We hope you will visit our sponsorship booth as well as one or more of our hosted institutes and workshops listed below. 

Pre-Conference Institutes: Monday, April 15th
12:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Institute-2 Everything You Wanted to Know about Bonds but Were Afraid to Ask 
Beginner; Room # 319 

Tax-exempt bond financing is a tool commonly used by affordable home developers. The purpose of this Institute is to introduce the basics of a complex finance tool with its own requirements and players. The institute will teach basic and technical requirements, the "who" and "why" of the multitude of players, the process of obtaining a bond allocation, credit enhancements and the cost of issuance. Please bring a calculator. 
Moderator: Benjamin M. Barker, Financial Advisor, California Municipal Finance Authority  
Greg Chin, Senior Housing Finance Consultant and Central Valley Director, California Housing Partnership; Paul J. Thimmig, Partner, Quint & Thimmig LLP

Institute-4 A Deep Dive into the Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities Program 
Beginner; Room # 304 

This Institute will provide comprehensive coverage of the Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities Program (AHSC). Expert panelists will cover competitiveness, application strategy, nonhousing scoping, greenhouse gas emission scoring, and application development and materials. Participants will leave with an understanding of how to assess potential sites, develop crucial crosssector partnerships, and develop winning AHSC applications. The audience will be engaged through small break out groups, group exercises, and a question and answer process. 
Panelists:  Nicole Norori, Senior Housing Finance Consultant, California Housing Partnership ; Sally Greenspan, Senior Program Director-Statewide AHSC Technical Assistance, Enterprise Community Partners; David Dologite, Senior Housing Finance Consultant and Policy Counsel, California Housing Partnership ; Chad Rathmann, Walking/Biking Funding Analyst, SF Municipal Transportation Agency

Institute-5 Tax Credits 101 
Beginner; Room # 316 

The Low-Income Housing Tax Credit remains the most important, yet one of the most complex, financing tools for the creation and preservation of affordable developments in California. This Institute combines presentations and group exercises to introduce the nuts and bolts of the tax credit program. Please bring a calculator. 
Moderator: Laura Kobler, Director-Sacramento Region, California Housing Partnership 
Panelists: Gina Ferguson, Chief-Development, California Tax Credit Allocation Committee;
Sherin Bennett, Senior Housing Finance Consultant, California Housing Partnership

Workshops - Session I: Tuesday, April 16th
9:00 AM - 10:30 AM

1-5 LIHTC Life Cycles: Creating a Portfolio Ladder from Year 1 to Re-syndication
Affordable Housing Finance and Asset Management,  Beginner; Room # 204 

Portfolio Management requires a 10,000-foot view concurrent with tracking the details. Hear about strategies to create a LIHTC Portfolio Ladder starting in Y1 through Y15 and into Re-syndication. Attendees will learn how to assess projects quickly for syndication potential with the aim to prepare for the Y15 investor exit. Local Housing Agency oversight and participation will be encouraged as part of the discussion on bringing ideas to the table for restructures that benefit the asset and the community. 
Moderator: Lauren Maddock, Senior Housing Finance Consultant, California Housing Partnership 
Panelists: Marianne Lim, Director of Housing Development, Burbank Housing; Marc Welk, Associate Director of Housing Finance, Community HousingWorks; Victoria Johnson, Program Manager, Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency

Workshops - Session II: Tuesday, April 16th
10:45 AM - 12:15 PM

2-1 Breaking Down Biases Affecting Rural California 
Advocacy, Communications, and Community Organizing *Pushing the Field, Beginner; Room # 103 

More than 5 million Californians live in "rural" areas, which the US Census defines, somewhat frustratingly, simply and categorically as "outside urban areas." This workshop seeks to engage in conversation that starts with rural realities, and then build up - identifying characteristics and nuances to these unique areas, rather than beginning with urban predilection. The expert panel will present field reports from rural environments of good (and bad) rural practice. Conversation with the audience will seek to build a rural coalition and a breadth of place-based and progressive work to build upon. 
Moderator: Jack Forinash, Director of Finance and Creative Projects, Blue Sky Center Panelists: Alicia Sebastian, Associate Director, California Coalition for Rural Housing; Danielle M. Mazzella, Preservation and Data Manager, California Housing Partnership; Ilene J. Jacobs, Director of Litigation, Advocacy and Training, California Rural Legal Assistance; Ann James, Program Officer - Research and Analytics, Enterprise Community Partners

2-3 Federal Housing Funding Under a Split Congress
Policy Solutions Beginner; Room # 202 

Participants will hear from DC-based housing experts on how federal affordable housing policy has been affected by the recent change in power in Congress. We will discuss the housing priorities and opportunities of Speaker Nancy Pelosi's House leadership team as well as the HUD and USDA housing budgets for FY 2019 and FY 2020. Attendees will have a chance to pose their own questions and topics. We will close by discussing advocacy priorities and opportunities for California.  
Moderator: Matt Schwartz, President and CEO, California Housing Partnership Panelists: Peter Lawrence, Director, Public Policy and Government Relations, Novogradac & Company LLP; Sarah Mickelson, Senior Public Policy Director, National Low Income Housing Coalition; Sarah Brundage, Senior Policy Director, Enterprise Community Partners

Workshops - Session IV: Tuesday, April 16th
3:45 PM - 5:15 PM

4-3 The Lighter (and Darker) Side of Tax Credit Equity
Affordable Housing and Asset Management, Intermediate ; Room # 202

Through an entertaining presentation that may include many forms of art, panelists will discuss the very dry topic of the current state of the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit. Topics may include the current state of tax credit investments in affordable housing. Pricing, terms, underwriting, and locations will be some of the probable subjects. Fights may break out, deals may be made, and you may find a partner for life (or 15 years). Or you may fall asleep. 
Moderator: Rich Gross, Vice President and Market Leader, Enterprise Community Partners 
Panelists: Richard Mandel, Director of Financial Consulting, California Housing Partnership; Lisa Motoyama, Community Economics, Inc.; 5 or more equity investors

Workshops - Session VI: Wednesday, April 17th
10:45 AM - 12:15 PM

6-3 Closing California's Affordable Housing Gap - What Comes Next?
Policy Solutions, Beginner; Room # 202 

The Newsom Administration, with its aggressive new housing agenda and a pro-affordable housing supermajority in control of the California Legislature, has created an opportunity for us to propose new ideas to meet the state's 1.5 million shortfall in affordable homes. Are Redevelopment 2.0, expanding state Low-Income Housing Tax Credits and streamlining entitlements enough to move the needle? Participants in this workshop will be encouraged to weigh in on the merits of the ideas proposed by panelists and to offer their own solutions. 
Moderator: Tyrone Buckley, Policy Director, Housing California 
Panelists: Matt Schwartz, President and CEO, California Housing Partnership; Anya Lawler, Policy Advocate, Western Center on Law & Poverty; Brian Augusta, Legislative Advocate, California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation

6-4 There is No Place Like Home!
Affordable Housing Finance and Asset Management; Ending Homelessness in the Field, Beginner; Room # 203 

In November 2018, Californians passed Proposition 2 which authorizes $2 billion in bonds for the No Place Like Home Program and will build 20,000 permanent supportive housing for Californians living with a serious mental illness who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. HCD administers the program and will provide updates on the state program guidelines and funding schedules; while the Counties of Los Angeles and San Francisco, as Alternative Process Counties, will discuss their local implementation process, guidelines and successfully funded developments. 
Moderator: Diep Do, Director-San Diego Region, California Housing Partnership Panelists: Christina DiFrancesco, Specialist, Department of Housing and Community Development; Shalawn Garcia, Manager, NOFA Awards, Department of Housing and Community Development; Lynn 19 Katano, Acting Director, Community Development Commission of County of Los Angeles; Mara Blitzer, Director of Housing Development, San Francisco Mayor's Office of Housing and Community Development

6-5 Latest Trends in Multifamily Lending: How to Navigate through the Maze
Affordable Housing Finance and Asset Management, Intermediate; Room # 204 

Nonprofit developers in California are fortunate to have a wide range of financing options to choose from, with an increasing number of choices and highly competitive rates and terms. A panel of experienced lenders will help guide attendees through the maze, including conventional and tax-exempt loan products, private placements, Fannie/Freddie/FHA structures, and refinancing options to lock in interest rates. The panel will address key trends, including rising construction costs, modular construction, working with the California Department of Housing and Community Development, local bond funds and other critical topics. 
Moderators: Richard Mandel, Director of Financial Consulting and
Meg McGraw-Scherer, Senior Housing Finance Consultant, California Housing Partnership
Panelists: Cecile Chalifour, Chase Bank; Lisa Gutierrez, US Bank; Elizabeth Van Benschoten, Union Bank; Jeff Kearns, Walker & Dunlop; Aaron Smith, California Community Reinvestment Corporation; Bobvala Tengen, Bank of America Merrill Lynch; Norma Dominguez, Wells Fargo

6-9 To Preserve and Protect: Strategies and Resources for Affordable Housing Preservation 
Affordable Housing Development  Intermediate; Room # 317-318  

Produce, Preserve, Protect: We're working on Production and Protection, but what about Preservation? As policies and resources increasingly focus on the creation of housing, California faces an impending catastrophe that threatens to exacerbate the housing crisis. With maturing mortgages, thousands of existing subsidized housing communities are under no obligation to remain affordable into the future. Join the discussion and explore the data documenting this issue, hear on-the-ground case studies, and learn about innovative resources to support the work of preserving California's affordable housing. 
Moderator: Alicia Sebastian, Associate Director, California Coalition for Rural Housing Panelists: Danielle M. Mazzella, Preservation and Data Manager, California Housing Partnership; Betsy McGovern-Garcia, Program Director - Real Estate Development, Self-Help Enterprises; Brian Prater, Executive Director - Community Development Finance, Morgan Stanley; Peter W. Ragsdale, Executive Director, Housing Authority of the County of San Joaquin

Workshops - Session VII: Wednesday, April 17th
2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

7-1 Scattered Site Syndication: Why Bundle? What Bundle? 
Affordable Housing Finance and Asset Management, Intermediate; Room # 203 

Many housing organizations have aging properties in need of rehab that do not produce enough cash flow or are too small to be good candidates for syndication. Regulatory restrictions prevent us from sharing revenue between the properties in our portfolios so that stronger properties can prop up weaker ones. Owners can achieve that end by creating a new entity that contains two or more properties, then capitalizing their rehab through syndication. This workshop aims to take participants through the process, from conceptualization through operation 
Moderator: Kayne Doumani, Director of Asset Management, Chinatown Community Development Center 
Panelists: Kevin Leichner, Director of Real Estate Development, Eden Housing; Philip Porter, VP of Acquisitions, Enterprise Housing Credit Investments;
Lauren Maddock, Senior Housing Finance Consultant, California Housing Partnership

We hope to see you there!
For more information about the California Housing Partnership, please visit our website at www.chpc.net.