Dr. Margaret Paul's 
  June 17-21, 2020   
5-Day Inner Bonding Intensive!

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Because of COVID-19, we won't be having it in person, but I'm so pleased that we can have it virtually.

In the last two months, I've done two virtual intensives that turned out to be wonderful. I did very deep work with people, so I know that you can receive great benefit from a virtual Intensive.
You will save money on airfare and the hotel, so if you've wanted to do this but couldn't afford it, now might be the time!   

"Having studied Inner Bonding for close to a decade now, I'm constantly amazed how every time I attend an intensive [even one on Zoom], I learn how much deeper I can go in this work to grow my Loving Adult and to live a life of peace, and joy, instead of fear, anxiety and sadness."  --Anastasia
"I attended Margaret's 5 day intensive via zoom. I found this intensive course extremely healing." --Melinda   
In an environment of safety and compassion, discover and heal the cycle of shame and self-abandonment that is the root cause of your anxiety, depression, addictions and relationship struggles. I am able to quickly see exactly how you are treating yourself that is causing your suffering and gently guide you in learning to love yourself and others rather than continue to abandon yourself.
  • Heal the fears and false beliefs that limit you, moving into the ability to manifest your dreams.
  • Heal the shame and self-abandonment issues that lie at the center of anxiety, depression, addictions and relationship problems.
  • Heal taking/caretaking control issues, resolving anger, withdrawal, compliance and resistance.
  • Heal fears of rejection, engulfment, aloneness, and failure.
  • Heal addictions to drugs, food, nicotine, alcohol, relationships, work, sex, and other addictions.
The workshop maximum of 13 people provides a safe, intimate, caring environment for individuals and couples to work in exploring deeper issues. Through Inner Bonding, you learn to develop a loving adult who connects deeply with your core self, your wounded self, and your higher guidance.
For more Information about Intensives and to see a brief video on the Intensive,   Click Here
"The word intensive is an authentic description of the experience.  The cost in dollars is a pittance to the cost of living my life in the state of the wounded self.  Peace, joy, fulfillment; is within all of us and with Inner Bonding and the guidance of Margaret I was able to rediscover what has always been there.  Her kindness, compassion, wisdom and love from her to each and everyone of us in the group.  A genuine life-changing intensive experience." -David  
Investment: The investment for this virtual Intensive is $1500. The usual investment for Dr. Margaret's in-person Intensives, which includes room and board, is $2,395 per person.   
A $650 non-refundable deposit secures your space. Full payment is required before the Intensive.
For Intensive testimonials, click here .
For more information and to register, call Valerie at 310)459-1700 or 888-6INNERBOND (888-646-6372)
I hop e to see you on Zoom!
Blessings to you,
Margaret Paul, PhD
Inner BondingĀ® Educational Technologies, Inc.