Act Now to Support 100% Clean Energy for Asheville
Climate change threatens species such as the Cerulean Warbler. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons
We apologize for the the cross-posting but want to make sure we get the word out.

Last week, Kim Brand at Audubon North Carolina sent out an email entitled " Ask Asheville Council for 100% Clean Energy ."

First, a big thank you to those of you who have already responded. 

Second, attention Asheville city residents: if you didn't receive her email or haven't acted yet, it's not too late! 

On Tuesday, October 23, the Asheville City Council will vote on a resolution to transition the city's municipal operations to 100% renewable energy by 2030. Audubon North Carolina and the Elisha Mitchell Audubon Society fully support clean energy initiatives like this and we'd like to ask you to send this email to help push this important resolution across the finish line! Buncombe County already passed a similar resolution last year. 

We know from the National Audubon Society's  landmark study on the impact of climate change and birds that more than half of the 588 North American bird species studied will likely be in trouble in just a few decades due to changing climatic conditions. 

C lean energy resolutions like the one proposed for Asheville are a part of the solution.  So please stand with EMAS and speak up for the birds we love!

Audubon North Carolina has made it easy to  click and send a pre-written letter urging Asheville's Mayor and council members to vote in favor of the clean energy resolution. Just click here, fill in your name/address, and hit the "send email" button. It's just that simple! 

So please act now to voice your support for clean energy for the birds!


Nancy Casey, Jamie Harrelson, Mark McNeill, and Steve Yurkovich

Beloved species such as the Bald Eagle are threatened by climate change. Photo by Will Stuart

Elisha Mitchell Audubon Society

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