Hello FPA Member!

The week of September 17th kicks off our annual Advocacy Week! We invite you to join your fellow chapter members and members of FPA of California in visiting your respective California state legislators in their home district offices.
Now is the time to start setting your appointments. We encourage you to reach out to your chapter's Advocacy Director to help coordinate your meetings with you. We also provide plenty of tools for you to have a very successful meeting.

Information for Making Appointments:  We are here to help you! You are welcome to make your own appointments via phone or email, or we can assist with the process. Either way, please RSVP to
info@fpaca.org so that we can connect with you!
If you will be making the appointment yourself: The legislator's office will either make the appointment there on the phone, or they will ask you to put your request in an email.  Click here   for a link to the telephone and email scripts that can be used when scheduling your appointments. As soon as your appointment is made, email info@fpaca.org to let us know so that we can coordinate with other FPA members who may be in your Assembly or Senate district.
If you would like our assistance making appointments: Email info@fpaca.org and let us know the names of the legislators' offices you would like to reach. We will work with you to set the appointments. You can search for your representative here.

Advocacy Week Materials: Below you will find resources that will help you to be successful in planning and attending your legislator visits:
Training Webinar - PowerPoint Slides
- Legislator Handouts Folder - Please print and bring along to your meetings to distribute.
Member Tips - Includes a generic "how to talk to a legislator" tip sheet from FPA national, and also an FPA of California customized talking points document.

Talking Points This Year: You may encounter specific questions about FPA of California advocacy agenda or reasons to meet. Below are some basic talking points for 2018:

Taxation of Financial Planning Services. FPA opposes any legislation to create a sales tax on professional services (like accounting, financial planning or legal work). The costs (the tax itself plus compliance and reporting) would likely be passed on to the individuals paying for the service. In summary, any tax on professional services will increase the cost to attain those professional services for constituents.

CalSavers (formerly known as California Secure Choice). FPA of California is coordinating educational efforts with the Treasurer's Office for the rollout of CalSavers in late 2018. This is the new states retirement program for private sector workers, which will provide access to a voluntary, low-risk, low-cost, portable retirement savings plan that enables direct payroll contributions into a personal Individual Retirement Account (IRA) managed by a private-sector financial firm overseen by the CalSavers Board. To the FPA, this is a win for everyone involved.
Financial Exploitation of Vulnerable Adults. The North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA) issued newly proposed model legislation that allows advisers to delay questionable withdrawals from client's accounts if he/she reasonably suspects exploitation of an eligible adult (age 65 or older). It requires advisors to report the activity to the State Securities Commissioner's Office, Adult Protective Services or other names authority. Last, it provides immunity from civil and administrative liability for making a disclosure to the government or 3rd part designated by the eligible adult.

ProBono/Financial Planning Days (October). Every Senator and Congress person has outreach programs that they offer. We can help participate in these programs and can offer financial literacy education and other pro bono services - especially during our Financial Planning Days in October.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the event or the materials provided.



Lynda Reynoso
President, FPA of California   
Email: president@fpaca.org  
Website: www.fpaca.org