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Join GBMP at an upcoming workshop to see for yourself the power of embedding The Shingo Model™ and Guiding Principles into your Lean program to create a road map to sustainable transformation.

We've heard time and time again that Lean leaders quickly find that just lean tools - such as six sigma, jidoka, SMED, 5S, JIT, quality circles, etc., - are not independently capable of effecting lasting change. Simply put, tool-based implementations decline in their ability to sustain results.

On the other hand, organizations that anchor their improvement initiatives to principles – or understand the “why” behind the “how” and the “what” – experience significantly different results. To best illustrate our findings, The Shingo Institute developed five workshops to help you transform your organization's culture to one of continuous improvement and operational excellence.

You don't have to take our word for it - read student testimonials below, and/or watch this brief video.
Our Schedule of Upcoming Workshops
November 6-7, 2017
STERIS Corporation, Quebec City 

December 5-6, 2017
Appvion, Altoona PA

October 19-20, 2017
OCTanner, Salt Lake City UT

November 8-9, 2017
Waters Corporation, Milford MA

December 4-5, 2017
STERIS Corporation, Quebec City 

November 15-17
OC Tanner, Salt Lake City, UT
December 14-15, 2017
OC Tanner, Salt Lake City UT

October 3-4, 2017
MassMutual, Springfield MA

November 8-9, 2017
Fort Wayne Metals, Fort Wayne IN

November 30-December 1, 2017
DISH Network, Spartanburg, SC

January 18-19, 2018
OC Tanner, Salt Lake City UT
"GBMP instructors are excellent, not for answering questions, but rather for leading people to ask better questions. In turn, this reflection drove the class to a much deeper understanding of the model & guiding principles."
More praise for GBMP Shingo Institute Certified Facilitators:
  • Bruce Hamilton is so engaging because his personal passion for the subject matter is so evident! He is candid and patient with the group. I loved learning from him!”
  • "Larry is a very thorough instructor and easily applied the model to "real world" manufacturing operations. I highly recommend the courses!"
  • "Engaging lectures combined with the hands-on walks on the shop floor to engage the students in the process was great! Knowing that the Shingo Prize is not the goal, rather a thorough understanding of The Shingo Model as a template helped put the methods in context for our improvement journey. I left with a much better idea of what we need to do as a company to continue to grow using the Shingo Model."
  • "Larry was humble in his approach to the group - he made sure we were learning from each other. When we broke out into groups, he was always nearby and available to facilitate but he didn't hover or impose his views - he let us come to our own conclusions as a group. I found him able to point out areas of concern without being judgmental, and he was very generous and kind in his recognition of others. Basically, he really "gets" people!"