Join ITRC’s Microplastics Outreach Toolkit Team!


Help ITRC develop materials to assist environmental professionals in communicating with the public about microplastics. Current public awareness and understanding of the microplastic problem, its scope, and its impacts on the environment and human health are minimal. The ITRC team will develop a Microplastics Outreach Toolkit to provide a valuable resource for environmental professionals to engage with and educate the public about microplastics.  

In February 2023, ITRC will post the technical Microplastics Guidance Document. The ITRC team will utilize the information contained in the existing Microplastics Guidance Document to create an outreach toolkit that will contain products such as social media campaign templates, web pages, downloadable fact sheets, short videos, etc. to provide clear communication to the public about the extent of the problem, how people and our environment are being affected by microplastics, and what citizens can do to help reduce microplastics. 

ITRC is a State-led, nonprofit research organization of the Environmental Council of the States. We welcome all state and federal agencies, academics, NGOs, Tribes, and public stakeholders to join the team at any time. Industry members are always encouraged to attend but must join our annual Industry Affiliates Program (IAP). Check out our IAP membership program and get started today!

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ITRC is a program of the Environmental Research Institute of the States (ERIS). ERIS is a 501(c)(3) organization incorporated in the District of Columbia and managed by the Environmental Council of the States (ECOS).