JULY, 2016
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OVBI extends its support to HAF- Hindu American Foundation for this petition.
Please sign in and support to revive the lost glory.

SUBJECT LINE - Demand Fairness and Accuracy in Teachings of Hinduism and India -- We Need YOU to Sign this Petition NOW.


We need YOU to help us urge the State Board of Education to improve the way Hinduism is portrayed in school textbooks.
Sign this petition by FRIDAY, JULY 8th (midnight EST) to add your voice to a growing chorus of people who believe that textbooks must accurately depict Hinduism and India in a manner that is equitable and inclusive.
While our community has seen some improvements toward cultural competency and equity in the way Hinduism and India are portrayed in school textbooks, the fight is NOT over. The State Board could vote against the progress made thus far, or add edits that worsen how these topics are taught. That's why the State Board needs to hear from concerned community members like YOU.

What's wrong with how Hinduism and India are taught right now?

* Hinduism and Indian history for 6th and 7th graders is portrayed in a way that is outdated, inaccurate, and stereotyped
* The history of other religions and civilizations are highlighted positively in contrast to Hinduism and India, which are portrayed in an oversimplified or negative manner
* Hinduism is conflated with gender bias, subjugation, and discrimination despite these social evils occurring in every religion's history
* Hinduism's pluralistic ethos, concept of spiritual unity of everyone and everything, and the contributions of women are ignored
What will my support do?
* Support fairness and equity in education of ALL religions and histories
* Set a K-12 History-Social Sciences Framework that teaches Hinduism and India in a way that is objective, accurate, and on par with other religions and civilizations
* Protect children from being bullied based on their heritage or background
* Ensure ALL children's success in an increasingly globalized and diverse society

What can YOU do?

Go to www.equityineducation2016.org and sign the petition TODAY!

Deadline is FRIDAY, JULY 8, midnight (EST).

Once you add your name to the petition, we will keep you updated on the status of this issue.
Don't delay -- sign TODAY and help spread the word by sharing this with your friends, family, and community.

OVBI Team with HAF team