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Dear Friend,

Thank you to the Ecolife Foundation for inviting us to collaborate. Together, we wish to help the Batwa people of Uganda to improve their troubled living conditions.

The Batwa no longer live in the Impenetrable Forest, their traditional homeland, but at its edge. The ICSEE stove, so popular with the Maasai of Monduli district of Tanzania, will make their lives much more healthy and pleasant.
Maasai women on their way to demonstrate stoves in Uganda

Earlier this year, we told you about our visit to Bwindi, Uganda to demonstrate stoves. Maasai Stoves & Solar Project Manager Kisioki Moitiko  and Vicki Daniel, Mery Yohana, and Niamini Yamati, three Maasai women from the Project's installation teams, will visit again.

During this visit they will add to the demonstration equipment and help analyze the logistical issues we'll likely encounter with larger-scale installations in new regions.

I left Cambridge for Africa on October 6 to join our team and Ecolife leaders. We will discuss smoke-related health issues with the Bwindi Community Hospital staff and share information about the full health impact of the stoves with the Batwa citizens.

We are eager to bring the benefits of the ICSEE stove to the Batwa people, and warmly welcome the collaboration of Ecolife and the Bwindi Community Hospital, recognized as one of Uganda's best facilities.
ICSEE stove and Maasai customer

Robert V. Lange, Founder
Maasai Stoves & Solar Project
The International Collaborative

More from the Boston teachers' blog 


Last month we introduced the writings of two Boston-area teachers,  Stephanie Toledano and Erica Wilson  who visited the Project through Fund for Teachers fellowship.
Clean cookstove installation
Installing the Maasai Stoves & Solar chimney
Here is another excerpt:

"We picked up some mamas and went to Enguiki in the Jeep, taking several tries to make it though some parts.  It was a pretty remote location. We thought we were going to watch a new stove being installed.  But when we got there, we were thrown right in....

 ....I was pretty dirty when we finished.  I don't know how the mamas were wearing their beautiful clothes and jewelry!  But in the end, we had a stove! 
Maasai Stoves & Solar PRoject 
Stove installation completed
The woman who lived in the home seemed really happy when we finished and asked me to take her picture with the new stove. It was really satisfying to leave knowing that this woman and her children would be able to live a little healthier! "

Read more from their great blog. Erica also shared her photographs, including this portrait.  

October, 2013
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