ICHA Presents: The Area 12 Project
The Los Trancos Pool & Park Renewal Concept
Join a Live Zoom Webinar Presentation:

Monday, April 27, 2020

4-5 pm


  • Introduction and slide presentation of the Area 12 Project and Los Trancos Pool & Park Renewal

  • Q&A: Victor Van Zandt, CEO & President of ICHA, and Bryce Bunker, Manager of Planning & Construction, take your live questions. Participants will also be invited to submit questions electronically.

  • The webinar will be recorded and posted on the Area 12 Project webpage on icha.uci.edu.
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What Is the Area 12 Project? How Will It Impact Me? How Can I Ask Questions and Get Answers?

In December, UCI informed ICHA that it was evaluating the construction of approximately 90 for-sale, 2-3 story, single-family detached units at the Las Lomas Apartments site (Area 12). The University is now prepared to begin the process of project approval. ICHA understands that University Hills residents living nearest the Las Lomas site are understandably interested in future details and concerned about potential impacts both during construction and after the project is completed. 

This webinar will present you with project details, plan, graphics, and tentative schedules. It will also lay out a process for University Hills comments and concerns to be formally presented to UC Irvine before project approval. Following the webinar, ICHA will post an Area 12 Project webpage on  icha.uci.edu  including frequently asked questions (based on the electronic questions submitted during the webinar) and answers, maps, graphics, the recorded webinar and a submission form for additional questions.

Following the April 27 presentation, ICHA will announce the projects to the broader University Hills community. ICHA believes that you deserve to have your own, more focused forum first, before the information is provided to the entire community. At that time, we will open up the Questions form to all and launch the stakeholder engagement process to collect further comments and thoughts from all University Hills residents.
What Is the Los Trancos Pool & Park Renewal Project? How Can I Take Part in the Planning of It?

ICHA is also planning to refurbish the Los Trancos Pool & Park area, and we have some exciting ideas to share during the webinar. We will also discuss the launch of a community engagement campaign to bring ideas from residents into the project planning, as was done for the Area 11 parks.

We're Looking Forward to Hearing Your Questions & Feedback! See you then.