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October 29,  2018
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Time schedule for Meet Me WednesdayS!
St. Philip's Plaza...4280 N. Campbell Ave.

5:15......Check-in begins

Walk/Run on your own anytime.

Stretch and Strength on hiatus until the fall
5:30......Walk or Run with a leader
5:30.....DocWalk with physician leaders
6:30......Closing Ceremony...awards and raffle

Specials at Reforma for MMW.
$1 soda/one $2 beer selection/$5 wine (one red/one white) available at bar in Reforma, with hand stamp. 15% off food.
Don't forget the tip!!

Let's Get Spooky at MMW on Wednesday!
We'll have not one, not two, but THREE extra raffle prizes for people who come in costume! And we have treats for the kids, so bring the whole family for Halloween fun!

Tonight: Downtown Space Discovery at MMM!
On intermittent Mondays throughout Maynards to the Moon, we will discover downtown spaces. Stop in during your walk/run to learn more about new/old downtown venues! First up: tonight at Arizona Theatre Company! Meet at 330 S. Scott Ave for a back-stage tour between 5:30 and 6:15pm!

Stretch and Strength returns on November 7th!!
Thanks to Body Works Pilates, Stretch and Strength returns November 7!!

We passed 100,000! Almost halfway there!

Every Maynards to the Moon participant (wearing a MTTM wristband) can 
enter to win prizes on the Third Monday of every month.

MTTM is an demonstration of our fit community while we celebrate the 50th anniversary of perhaps our country's most significant scientific achievement, Neil Armstrong's walk on the moon.
Learn more details  HERE.

Norah presented a very special thank you to our AMAZING Volunteer Team. Thank you for not leaving!


Thanks to Reforma for offering a selection of $2 beer and $5 wine with your hand stamp, PLUS a 15% discount on food! 

   Reforma         Union Public House
      Blanco Tacos and Tequila            Fini's Landing

El Cisne            Zinburger      Flying Leap Vineyards

SEND US YOUR PHOTO in your shirt/cap when you travel!
The DocWalkers looking stylish in their caps!
Blinkies all around!
Enjoying the perfect weather with a leap! David captures these so well!
I'm sorry, did you say there will be CANDY at the Halloween celebration??
That's right, C-A-N-D-Y!
Count those pins! They've done 800 Miles for MTTM! Thanks, Carole and Kevin!!
I hope they are planning their costumes!
On Wednesday, we'll have treats for kids of all ages!
The DocWalkers are beaming!
Fred earns his shirt! Congratulations!
This woman is beautiful, talented, lucky, and she's a good sport, too!
Meet Me WednesdayS   is brought to you by Meet Me Concepts, LLC and all of our sponsors and volunteers. We welcome inquiries and comments.
Hope you enjoy!

Jannie Cox and Dave Syverson
Randy Accetta
Meet Me Concepts, LLC