Have a Conversation with Kip
Tomorrow, Thursday July 16th at Noon
REAL Conversations: Resiliency
Join Kip and Hollister Institute for a four-part series of REAL Conversations. These sessions will explore a range of topics and are intended to be engaging and interactive. You will benefit from the experience and expertise of Kip and her team as well as the collective wisdom of all the participants. If you’re interested in building community, expanding your awareness, and having REAL Conversations about topics that are relevant now, please register. These sessions are free of charge.

Tomorrow, Part I - Resiliency: Learn ways to cultivate resiliency within yourself to emerge from life’s challenges with strength, focus, and hope.

New Episode! Well Being Walks
Welcome to my podcast: Well Being Walks. In each episode, I am joined by a special guest for a walk – in nature – knowing that nature is where our souls sing. We all have a soul song, yet, our soul songs get silenced by our human “doing” – chasing achievement, chasing success, climbing the corporate ladder – DOING more. There is a real imbalance today in human DOING versus human BEING. In these podcasts we focus more on BEING human and what that looks like. We will share a collection of REAL conversations and stories from respected leaders and influencers who are exploring a different kind of leadership and how to live a soulful life that matters.
What does it take to lead a soulful life? What inspires you and how are you inspiring? Kip discusses these questions and more on this week's podcast.

This week Kip takes a walk with Larry Gennari. They dig into the concept of service leadership and what that means to each of them. Larry discusses how service leadership has been a guiding principle throughout his career.

Larry Gennari, co-founded his own firm, Gennari Aronson, LLP, after more than two decades in several large law firms in Boston. He teaches corporate & entrepreneurial law at Boston College Law School, where he developed his current course: Project Entrepreneur, a student-led business fundamentals bootcamp for returning citizen entrepreneurs, most of whom previously were incarcerated. Listen here!

New episodes are released every Wednesday!
Upcoming Events
Guided Meditation

Thursday, July 16th at 10 AM

Join Kip Hollister, CEO and Founder of Hollister Staffing & Institute, for a guided meditation to help you focus and stay grounded.
Effective Communication
The Power of REAL Conversations: The Cornerstone of Business Success

Tuesday, September 22nd at 9 AM

Research shows that 60-80% of all difficulties in organizations stem from poor communication between employees, rather than lack of skill or motivation. Our training in effective communication provides you with tools for immediate use with colleagues and clients. Participants will leave equipped with strategies to resolve conflict in a way that promotes accountability, collaboration, and productivity.
Do you want to make a REAL Impact on your business, organization, team, or individual career? Join us and learn how to use REAL tools to feel happier, be more productive, improve your work environment and, ultimately, your bottom line. These “vital signs” define and shape your organization’s culture. This training provides participants with opportunities for interactive discussion and real-time applications to deepen the learning. By learning and practicing REAL tools in this training, you will leave with strategies and skills for enhancing your own leadership impact, as well as tools and techniques for enhancing communication across your organization. Sign up before September 1 for Early Bird Pricing!