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Hi glowing practitioners!

I'm thrilled to invite you to join me and my Color Lights World Project colleagues from 9 different countries. We're offering 3 inspiring panels with incredible insights about how to utilize Color and Light Therapy to enhance your personal life and professional work.

Join Me in the November 30th Panel on Color, Light, and Self-Awareness.

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The Deep Beauty of Color and Light

Montaha Hidefi, Lien Potgieter, Christiane Werzowa, Dr. Kaustav Sengupta

November 16th 2021, 9:00am PST

5 experts from 4 continents will shine light on the deep beauty of color and its areas of impact in the past, present and future. Color in history, design, psychology, therapy, for creativity and communication and in color forecasting.

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Color, Light, and Self-Awareness

Constance Hart, Gabrielle Buresch-Teichmann, Nishant Matthews,Samya Ilaria di Donato

November 30th 2021, 10:00am PST, 1:00pm EST

4 experienced experts from the U.S., Sweden, Italy and Austria present their experiences and findings how light and color are key energies for discovering our true essence and solving our challenges. Living our true joy, love and happiness.

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Color, Light, and Health

Gabrielle Buresch-Teichmann, Rikke Godthjaelp, Nathan Oxenfeld, Masako Shimizu

December 14th, 5:00am PST, 8:00am EST

4 color/light practitioners from America, Europe and Asia speak about Light therapy and Chromotherapy as healing modalities for various issues. Color and light are medicine of the present and future. Note-Dr. Alexander Wunsch cannot attend

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Join us live on Zoom, and you'll also receive the recordings afterward. Each session is $22.90 or you can sign up for all 3 sessions and save $10-- get all 3 sessions for $58. Registration is at my friend Gabrielle's site of Color Buresch, so don't be surprised when the pricing shoes up in euros! 20 euros is $22.90 U.S. 50 euros is $58 U.S.

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I'll look forward to seeing you in the light of color.

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