Daily Horoscopes in 2018
 Researched, Written, and Prepared by
Adam Elenbaas
Ancient Astrology for the Modern Mystic
a One Year Course in Natal Astrology
Starting June 10th
Sundays from
Noon to 2:00 pm
Eastern Time
Via Live Webinar
All Classes Recorded (Students may take the course remotely if they are not able to attend live classes)

Questions? Email us at nightlightastrology@gmail.com
What Will I Learn?
30 Weekly Lessons + 12 Guest Lectures from Leading Professional Astrologers!!

Every Lesson includes optional homework and quizzes, reading assignments, and bonus audio and video so that students can go as deep as they wish with the material we study each class!

Unit One: Hellenistic and Classical Natal Theory

* The History of Astrology

* The Philosophy and Beliefs of Ancient Astrologers

* The Foundational Astronomy
of Astrology and the Birth Chart

* Houses, Signs, Planets and Aspects...how and why did these core pieces of astrological theory come to be in the first place, how do we use them today compared to how our ancestors used these elements of astrology?

* Essential & Accidental Dignities, an old language revived for modern consciousness

* Interpretive Methodology...how do we read birth charts in this day and age using ancient, time-tested techniques?

* The Nodes of the Moon, the Soul, and Karma...how did ancient astrologers understand these topics and how should we use them in our practice today?
Part Two: Live Client Workshops

Observe Adam reading live for clients in the classroom and then discuss key craft elements of the consultations afterward with your fellow students!

* Topical Readings with Live Clients

* Universal Readings with Live Clients

* The Ethics of Astrological Consulting

* The Business of Astrology

* The Devotional and Spiritual Lifestyle Practices of the Astrologer

* Optional Certification Exam

Registration and Payment Options
* Early Bird Rate = $1200
(paid in full by start of class,
June 10th!)

* 12 Month Payment Plan = $1600

* Need-based Tuition = $67 - $100 monthly for those who are single-parents, students, disabled, retired, etc., or experiencing financial hardship. To inquire simply email us at nightlightastrology@gmail.com
What are Our Students
and Graduates Saying?
Birth Chart Readings & Forecasting
 The Birth Chart reading is the most basic way to delve deeper into your astrological destiny path. Choose a 60 or 90 minute session with Adam to get started! Or choose a 60 or 90 minute forecasting session (birth chart reading recommended as the starting point for first time clients).

Donation-Based Questions
 Do you have a specific, outcome-oriented question you'd like to ask the planets? For example, "Will I get the job?" or "Are we compatible?" Try asking a donation-based question during 2018 as part of Adam's ongoing "Project 588" horary astrology research.

Traditional Astrology for Modern Times...

A One Year Natal Certification Course or 6 Month Immersion
 Interested in learning the language of astrology and learning how to read birth charts using traditional techniques? Check out our online study programs. New classes start in the Spring and Fall of 2017!

Horary Astrology and Advanced Natal Astrology Courses
 For students who have passed our one year program or who come with a strong foundation in traditional, natal astrology, check out our advanced courses!

Upcoming Events at Nightlight
  Stay Tuned to Our Speakers and Events page for the latest seasonal speaker schedule! Each season we host 3 new special talks for the public on different astrological subjects!

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