Dear Friends, 

I hope you will join me this week for my weekly leadership series, a guided meditation, or both!  Let's come together tomorrow to explore how we are all navigating these uncertain times and share some strategies for inspiring productivity, collaboration, and hope among our teams!  I would love for you to join me on Thursday as well for a guided meditation - this is great for both those new to meditation, and those who are experienced. It's one proven way to reduce stress and will help to focus your intentions. Please feel free to share with your networks as all are welcome!

See you soon!

Community Rising - A Conversation with Kip Hollister
Wednesday, April 8th - 11 AM

During these unprecedented times of uncertainty, we are faced with what it means to be truly human amidst crisis. We are all filled with stress, overwhelm, a deluge of information from the media, and no answer to when all of this is going to end. Join Kip in having a R.E.A.L. conversation, allowing us to share vulnerably and co-create possibilities together to live into our future NOW. We are where we are and we cannot control these circumstances and conditions, and yet, we CAN control our thoughts and attitudes.

Guided Meditation
Thursday, April 9th - 10 AM

Join Kip Hollister, CEO and Founder of Hollister Staffing & Institute, for a guided meditation to help you focus and stay grounded.


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