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This B2B expo will focus exclusively on the future technologies, systems and services needed in the package and parcel journey from the supply chain, order picking and packing all the way through to final delivery and returns.

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Guided Twin-piston

Cylinder DGTZ


Ideal for clamping, lifting,

and stopping applications

The DGTZ from Festo is a compact double piston cylinder with the drive and guide unit combined in a single housing. A large stroke range is available with options from 10mm to 100mm.

This cylinder is ideal for clamping, lifting, and stopping applications. It is also great for use in the electronics industry because the cylinder is free of copper. Mounting and connection is made simple with built-in pneumatic ports and sensor slots on one side.

Learn about Festo DGTZ Twin-piston Cylinder

PowerXL DM1 Micro Variable

Frequency Drive

Demand more power

in a small footprint

Eaton's PowerXL DM1 micro variable frequency drives are engineered for today’s demanding commercial and Machinery OEM applications. With an industry leading energy efficiency algorithm, high short-circuit current rating and robust design, the DM1 offers customers increased efficiency, safety and reliability, and features that improve integration and ease of use.

Increase your energy savings by up to 10% above a standard VFD with Active Energy Control®, an energy optimization algorithm that comes standard in the PowerXL DM1.

Learn about PowerXL DM1 Micro VFDs

Take the Guesswork Out of Cylinder Selection with NFPA Cylinders

19 Different mounting styles

to fit your equipment

By adhering to a common set of standards, Fabco-Air NFPA actuators enable you to standardize your design, letting you turn your focus to the key features that can significantly impact the performance and reliability of your machine.

Fabco-Air NFPA cylinders offer 19 different mounting styles to fit your equipment. The high-strength aluminum alloy tube includes a 60 Rc inner diameter hard-anodized coating that impregnates the base aluminum for extra durability. A solid yet lightweight aluminum alloy piston also includes a standard, wide and graphite-filled Teflon® wear band to support maximum loading, and the steel tie rods deliver effective holding power.

Learn more about Fabco-Air NFPA Cylinders

EMA Robust Servo

Driven Actuators

Load rating up to 25 tons!

HyperCyl-EMA electro-mechanical actuator is a robust, servo driven actuator designed for precision assembly applications or applications not suited for standard HyperCyl or IntelliCyl products. Available in both Roller Screw and Ball Screw configurations in load ratings from 5kN to 230 kN (1 - 25 tons).


  • Ball Screw Configurations: 0 - 20,000 lbs of output force
  • Roller Screw Configurations: 0 - 50,000 lbs of output force
  • Standard Internal Non-Rotate feature
  • Standard Internal Load Cell
  • Over-Travel Limit Switches

Learn more about EMA Servo Driven Actuators


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