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Register Today for Modeling Ecological Risks of Agricultural Pesticides Course
Stone Environmental, Inc. (Stone) and Intrinsik Corp. (Intrinsik) have again teamed to offer their Modeling Ecological Risks of Agricultural Pesticides course in Orlando, Florida, February 15 - 17, 2023.
The first day of the course will focus on the screening-level and refined models and methodologies typically used by the US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) to assess pesticide risks in the environment. The second day will focus on current approaches to Endangered Species Risk Assessments (ESRAs). Topics will include co-occurrence analyses, usage data, exposure modeling, effects assessments, pollinators, risk characterization, uncertainty analysis, and ESRA refinements. The final day will focus on mitigations, future US EPA plans for pesticides, and population modeling.
The main instructors include Dr. Dwayne Moore, Scott Teed, and Michael Winchell who have a combined over 40 years of experience teaching modeling methodology and performing sophisticated pesticide risk assessment. In addition, the course will feature guest lecturer Dr. Valery Forbes, who will provide a lecture on population modeling for endangered species. Combined, their backgrounds represent a variety of disciplines including ecotoxicology, chemistry, ecology, biomathematics, statistics, and hydrology. Course material will present different points of view with the accumulated knowledge of their practical experience. The course will deliver a mix of theory and hands-on case studies. 
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