No matter where you stand during these turbulent times, I feel confident in saying that we all desire robust and respectful communities where neighbor looks after neighbor and we work together toward the shared benefits of a clean environment, an educated workforce, and healthy families.

At Environmental Health Trust, we strive to reach these goals by empowering people with state-of-the-art science and solid information about human and environmental health. We envision a thriving world where the latest generation of technology enhances our lives while being safe to use.

The FCC wants to claim that its 1996 thermal-based wireless radiation exposure limits are sufficient to protect us — despite an explosion in the number of wireless devices over the past 24 years and an ever-growing body of published research showing harm from legally allowed exposures.

The willful ignorance by the FCC to ignore the impact of wireless on our world is surreal. The industry-influenced "evidence" the FCC used to justify its decision to keep its antiquated 24-year-old standards is unacceptable. We deserve safe technology with up-to-date regulations based on current science and systematic scientific review.
The Scientific Evidence is Undeniable.
This is why we were compelled to challenge the FCC in court — so that it will be held to its duty to enact wireless radiation limits that are based on the latest science and expert recommendations.

We hope that you will be able to join us tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. ET as EHT hosts a press conference on the most recent updates in our lawsuit.

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Theodora Scarato
Executive Director, Environmental Health Trust
"The reality is that no U.S. federal agency has reviewed all the science on EMFs in over three decades."