October 4, 2019
How Can We Help the US Refugee Program Survive?
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This week, Rev. Sharon Stanley-Rea was published in USA Today, sharing our
disappointment with the Administration's low proposed refugee resettlement numbers of 18,000, and announcing a new refugee ban for FY2020.
And, Here Are 5 TOP THINGS We Can Do THIS WEEK, While Congress Is Home:

1.JOIN IN THE "#BLACKOUT4REFUGEES" THIS MONDAY, ON SOCIAL MEDIA!: Across the U.S., people who care about refugees are taking a stand online Monday, Oct. 7, as part of a campaign called: #BLACKOUT4REFUGEES. We’re calling on Congress to refuse the proposed refugee cuts, which would harm tens of thousands of lives and destroy the U.S. refugee resettlement program. Go to BLACKOUT4REFUGEES.org for more information, and to sign a Congressional petition. Follow RIM on Twitter @StanleyRea, Retweet, and help amplify concern for refugees!

To communicate 18,000 is an unacceptably low number, plan a public prayer vigil or other action in your community NOW! For help, please check out our Rapid Response Toolkit: http://bit.ly/PDRapidResponseToolkit . For more information, see: http://bit.ly/FY20PDResponseResources .

3.CALL & VISIT YOUR REPRESENTATIVES & SENATORS Call House and Senate Judiciary Committee Members , who are in charge of consulting with the administration, and urge them to strongly condemn a low admissions goal and call for a robust refugee admissions goal of 95,000 in FY20. Call and visit. Please lift up the  bipartisan letter  signed by more than 360 state and local government officials and map of support for r efugees from all 50 states. And, ASK YOUR LOCAL AND STATE LEADERS TO MAKE PUBLIC STATEMENTS OF SUPPORT IF THEY HAVE NOT YET!

4.SHARE HOW YOUR CHURCH HAS WELCOMED REFUGEES:   Fill out this brief form  if you have ever resettled or helped welcome refugees—and we will follow up with how we NEED your help more than ever to help the US refugee resettlement program SURVIVE in this time!!

5.SHOW DISCIPLES SUPPORT FOR REFUGEES by sending your local and national leaders our Emergency Resolution passed at our recent General Assembly. 
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