RESIST Board Open Call 2022
Dear Grantees,

RESIST believes in the power of frontline communities who make the impossible possible. Because of this, we are having an open call for current and former grantees to join our Board of Directors.
55 years ago the first RESIST board came together and was comprised of academics, writers, and activists who came together during the Vietnam War, wrote our founding documents, gave out our first grants to draft resistance groups, and guided us through our first years of being a radical funder of grassroots activism. We are proud of this history, and at the same time our movements have changed and grown since the 1960s, and so have we. 

Today we support visionary frontline communities who organize at the intersection of a multitude of issues, including prisoner’s rights/ prison abolition, Trans and LGBTQ+ liberation, Indigenous rights, economic justice/worker’s rights, environmental justice, racial justice, immigrant rights, and reproductive justice. And we look to our grantees for leadership and to, hopefully, expand our Board of Directors.  
RESIST has always aspired to have our Board of Directors reflect those whom we support. Our board members come from our movements, and expanding our Board of Directors to include even more grantees is a step towards continuing to hold ourselves more accountable to those we support.

We invite you as grassroots activists to help shape the future of RESIST as a board owl. Learn more about how our worker self-directed board structure works here.
Whom we believe will strengthen RESIST’s Board of Directors:
  • Folks who are associated with current or former grantees.
  • Folks who are from the membership of these groups and who are most directly impacted by the issues you work on, not just staff or leadership. 
  • Folks who can commit to meeting 4x a year in addition to fulfilling the owl roles and responsibilities.
  • Folks that have a deep or growing understanding of anti-oppression, systems change, healing, and transformative justice.
  • Folks who are interested in or learning about radical philanthropy, resource redistribution, communications, and worker self-direction. 
Interested in joining us? 

Please fill out the application here by July 13th. We also welcome video submissions (there will be an option to submit that in lieu of the application in the same form). Next steps will include a call with a Resist staff member, a final discernment process, and a vote on to the board.

If you have any questions, email Kathy Lebron at
With deep gratitude,

Resist Staff Collective
2022 Pride Giving Guide
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