Soulful Abundance
How the Feminine Magnetizes Prosperity
Co Hosts
Jan Jorgensen & Sahar Nafal

Thursday, April 29th
10:00 am to 11:30 am Pacific
12:00 pm to 1:30 pm Central
 As “Transitional Messengers” for humans to step into a higher, lighter way of being...It is our well being to have and model! We can simply re-align our method of asking and receiving to a higher order with spiritual guidance to have it all and be happier!!

Dear Soulful and SOAR Community,

What have you been told about money that's no longer serving you? 

In July of 2020, Sahar Nafal was guided to facilitate over 100 Soul Guidance Sessions within 3 months. She was told that it is time to serve humanity right now. She took on the challenge and as of now, she has conducted over 300 sessions.

She's heard many stories of hardships, fear and challenges during this time of uncertainty. As you can imagine, most common are stories of financial difficulties, scarcity mindset and fear of not making it. 

On the other hand, Jan has developed her own inner north star for abundance through energy exploration, focusing her choices ONLY on abundance. She has been poor, and then rich and has learned that riding money like a wave with energy tools and feminine magnetism as her rudder keeps her stable, resourced and happy. She developed an internal “abundance expectation” that the universe always meets and exceeds. 

On Thursday, April 29th, Jan and Sahar are called to bring this well needed topic; Soulful Abundance, to the Soulful Leader Community and the SOAR Community. 

Both Sahar and Jan have read many books on the topic of Abundance and prosperity and worked with and interviewed hundreds of conscious women coaches, practitioners, business mentors and healers to understand and support them with their money blocks, patterns, money mindset stories, and negative imprints. 

They have also facilitated workshops and training on timely topics for conscious women leaders and the most popular has been on money, wealth and success. 

Both have had their own successes and challenges with money and continue to learn and grow. 

Their curiosity, insight and understanding of money and success continues to expand beyond what they've been conditioned to believe about calling in abundance. 

They believe that the more aligned you become spiritually, the more money flows into your life.

Money is an energy “exchange” and with some focus, we can release blockages and let it flow in easily as we learn how to expect it and receive it.

On April 29th, you are invited to join Jan and Sahar as they plan to bring this much-needed topic to their communities. They are joining together and weaving their stories, experience and successes to share with you dear souls. 
Our intention for this conversation is to show you:
  • How to ALTER Your current nature of your money mindset by asking for what you want.

  • How you have the capacity to shift your energy to invite more abundance into your life RIGHT NOW.

  • Daily rituals to expand your consciousness so you can step toward success and prosperity faster.

  • Experience the removal of Unconscious blocks to money with "Be The Light 3 pt. Meditation" with Jan, so you can be open to receiving abundance.

  • How our family money scripts are formed as real, and they aren’t operational at all for you as a lightworker.
Right now, globally there is a need to facilitate new levels of relationship building and community dialogue, places where voices are heard, spirit felt and stories are told.

 Let’s soulfully gather as leaders to create a space for this pivotal time where we are shifting, changing and transforming.
Intuitive Soul Guidance Session with Sahar

I invite you to join me on an insightful intuitive Soul Guidance Session.

This is simply your opportunity to have an honest and insightful guidance to ask any of your questions or about your challenges during this time from spirit, ascended masters and loved ones. To schedule your session, please
email us at to schedule your call.
Thank you for sharing your kind feedback and loving testimonials.

  • "Thank YOU Sahar for bringing such wonderful souls from around the world together! 🙏Beautiful gathering with Soulful Global Community 👫👯‍♂️"

  • "Thank you dear Sahar for offering us this meaningful gift to be together and share this space with so beautiful and like- minded ladies from all over the globe 💞🌟 Feel fortunate time have you all in my life💞"

  • "It was wonderful connecting with like minded soulful sisters and brothers. I absolutely feel loved and my vibration is soaring so high right now. Thank you for all the enlightenment everyone. Until our next meeting ❤️"

  • “I am renewed to the very core of my being. And since my Voice Release Sessions with Jan so much has changed in my life…I am more calm and can express anger without fear. My Voice is at a lower pitch, people notice it. Thank you for helping me release deep pains in my heart.” ~Michelle, California

  • “Well guess what? Your healing session really worked. I awoke the next day and was ready to move. Things seemed clear. Start it and move. You have a talent. You unblocked my energies. Your powers are strong and pure. You have helped me so much. I have told 3 of my best friends about this experience Carry on Jan. You are one of the angels!” ~Pamela, California

  • “Jan’s presence, voice and inspirational nature bring a refreshing wave of new possibility for women emerging onto their unique path. Her passion is contagious and ignites the imagination, heart and soul to bring real change to individuals and groups worldwide.” ~Jill Lublin international speaker and 3x best-selling author
Meet Jan Jorgensen


Jan is a Public Health Nurse, Certified Music Practitioner and Minister “Healing from the Heart of God through Sound, Science and Spirit,” She is a Messenger and Visionary for the New Paradigm, a Vibrational Field and Healing Specialist Educator, a Host and Speaker on Women’s Media TV and Radio, Recording Artist, and Workshop Leader.

Jan Moves Energy and teaches you how to “run” yours with Certifications in Omnium, Avatar, Voice Bio and Therapeutic Singing. In 2018, she added “Intentional Creativity” Painting to her toolkit for Women’s Workshops. As a “Messenger” of these new principles, her gift is to make the esoteric simple and fun, and empower Feminine Community Leaders to employ these tools in powerful Circles for Change. She has initiated Creative applications for professionals in Health, Entertainment, Education and Women’s Leadership.

Jan is an Author, Mother, Wife, Profound intuitive healer and recognized Visionary who is focused on preparing the New Divine Feminine Leaders to emerge and LEAD.
Meet Sahar Nafal


Sahar Nafal is an expert transformational leader, soul guidance coach and speaker for conscious women leaders, and entrepreneurs who are ready to serve humanity with all of their wisdom and teachings.

Her passion and calling is to support leaders who are ready to authentically serve humanity. Sahar has a unique soul guiding approach of leading women to heal through whatever challenges they are facing at this time.

Drawing from a well of wisdom gained through education, adversity, and experience; Sahar believes in order to serve humanity, we as women need to Alter our old way of doing into a new way of Being.

Her signature Soulful Leadership Archetype programs have supported many into channeling their energy and embodying the essence of who they really are. Her event, teachings and coaching, hold space for healing and expansion for everyone who attends.
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