Join Scout Night Newsletter Volume 1
Join Scout Night Newsletter
Introducing the New Join Scout Night Newsletter!
This email newsletter has been created for those who attended the Join Scout Night Trainings in July to support your efforts as we head into the recruitment season. We will provide timely resources, remind you of things your Pack should be doing as well as share best practices and innovative ideas that Cub Scout leaders like you are doing to bring more families into the Scouting program.
#ScoutSHARE Contest
Help us share the Scouting story! Scouts do amazing things, go awesome places and make memories that will last a lifetime. Simply take a moment to share a photo or something exciting your Scout has done and share on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram from Aug 1 - September 11. Be sure to type the hashtag ScoutSHARE at the end of each post. Sharing photos will qualify you to win prizes. For more info about the contest and how to use special DBC profile pic frames check out

Congrats to our 1st #ScoutSHARE winner, Jacob C of Pack 676.
Preparing Your Pack Info Sheet & Calendar & Program Plan
Many Cub Scout Packs are still working out the details of what your Scouting year will look like. By now, your Pack should have held it's annual program planning workshop, but that being said, you may have questions about what exactly your program will look like or even where your meetings will take place.

You also may have questions about where individuals are in regards to participating in Scouting during the upcoming year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For example, some may be ready to jump in to den meetings right away in-person while others would prefer virtual participation for the time being. Click here to see a survey put together by Pack 660 St. Ann Catholic Church's survey to help with planning.

Make sure your Pack Info sheet and calendar are ready to go for upcoming signups! A great tip is to keep this to a single page handout with Pack info on one side and calendar on the reverse side. For templates, check out the Volunteer Leader Info page at
Community Based Recruitment
Each district in Dan Beard Council has a 2-3 community-based recruitment opportunities to during August to capitalize on where people (including families with elementary-aged kids) are like a local park. This is also great for Packs who typically start their program calendar in August or early September, but can't due to school being delayed due to COVID-19.

If your Pack has interest in participating in one of these, contact your district executive.
New Tutorial Videos and updates to BSA Online Registration System

Have you been putting off updating your BeAScout Pin or activating Online registration for your Pack? Don't put it off another minute.

Step-by-step tutorial videos to help you update and activate your Pack's online tools will help prospective families find, learn about AND even register for your Cub Scout Pack.

You can event set up template messages that new Scout families will receive after they sign-up for your Pack. Explain where and how often your Pack meets and when the balance of your dues will be collected.

Setting your Join Scout Night Details
Now that most of our school districts have their school calendar set and families have selected how they will proceed with the school year (in-person, virtual or some sort of blended experience), it is time to work with your school and/or charter organization to nail down your Join Scout Night details.

Ideally, holding a Join Scout Night at school is the best since the families are most familiar with this location. Rather than holding the signup in the cafeteria in the cafeteria or gym like you normally do, request to use the parking lot or playground area instead. Schools may be more likely to let you use the familiar location if you are outdoors and have more of an opportunity to spread out.

Also, schedule your signup to take place for an hour (ie. between 6:30-8:00 PM rather than at 7:00 PM). This naturally lends to people show up over the course of time rather than all showing up at the same time.

You Pack should expect to hear from your District Executive Staff in the next week or as they also begin coordinating recruitment opportunities available at the schools. You can also share your JSN Details at

We'll share suggestions on Virtual Signups in a future Join Scout Night Newsletter.
Exciting Virtual Event for the Entire Family: BSA's Family Fun Fest on Saturday September 12!
The Boy Scouts of America had more than 110K views of the first Family Fun Fest held on Saturday, August 8 and reached more than 320K people on Facebook with Scouting messages. To keep that momentum going, we're already moving forward with the plans for the September 12 edition of Family Fun Fest and we hope to generate even more attention and interest in the fun of Scouting!

One of the purposes of this event is to share this with families who may not be currently registered in Scouting, but give them a taste
of what we do AND generate leads in for families to learn more about YOUR Pack!

It’s outdoor adventure you can have online! This FREE virtual event via Facebook Live is for all Scouts, their family, neighbors, friends and anyone who would like to find out about all the fun and cool things Scouts do. It’s always more fun with friends, so invite some of yours to join you online for Family Fun Fest!

Click here to register!
The Boy Scouts of America, Dan Beard Council is a proud United Way Agency Partner