Join Scout Night Newsletter Volume 1
Join Scout Night Newsletter
Introducing the Join Scout Night Newsletter!
This email newsletter has been created for those who attended the Join Scout Night Trainings to support your efforts as we head into the recruitment season. We will provide timely resources, remind you of things your Pack should be doing as well as share best practices and innovative ideas that Cub Scout leaders like you are doing to bring more families into the Scouting program.

Your go to resource for templates, marketing and JSN Training materials is:
Setting your Join Scout Night Details
Most of our school districts have their school calendar set and are working out the game plan for what school will look like this year.

It is time to work with your school and/or charter organization to nail down your Join Scout Night details.

Ideally, holding a Join Scout Night at school is the best since the families are most familiar with this location. For some you may be able to hold your Sign-Up Night in the cafeteria, gym or another regular location, but if those are not an option for you this year, consider requesting to use the parking lot or playground area instead. Schools may be more likely to let you use the familiar location if you are outdoors and have more of an opportunity to spread out.

Also, schedule your signup to take place for an hour (ie. between 6:30-7:30 PM rather listing a starting timme at 7:00 PM). This naturally lends to people show up over the course of time rather than all showing up at the same time.

You Pack should expect to hear from your District Executive Staff in the next week or as they also begin coordinating recruitment opportunities available at the schools.
Parent Landing Page Last Call!
During Join Scout Night training, we referenced an online form to provide your Pack's information so that we can build a customized Parent Landing Page for your Pack.

We are asking all Packs to take a few minutes to complete this form by Tuesday, August 10 in order to provide this basic information about your Pack so we can begin to build this resource for you.

Prepare for Back to School / Open House Night
If you haven't done so already, you should be requesting to be able to participate in your school's Back to School / Open House event.

Remember, this is a key first impression experience with prospective new families. Do your best to be positioned in a location that will get heavy traffic from parents and students visiting the school. Make sure you have a fun and exciting table that attracts attention from everyone who walks by. Use your table-top display your received at JSN Training and a banner from a couple of years ago to help dress up your area. Be able to share information about your Pack, consider handing out a flyer promoting your Sign-Up Night or your Pack Info Sheet.

You can also collect contact information from interested families that you can reach out to and invite them leading up to your Sign-Up Night. You have six Sign-In sheets in your JSN materials you picked up at the training or print your own.

New Tutorial Videos and updates to BSA Online Registration System

Have you been putting off updating your BeAScout Pin or activating Online registration for your Pack? Don't put it off another minute.

Step-by-step tutorial videos to help you update and activate your Pack's online tools will help prospective families find, learn about AND even register for your Cub Scout Pack.

You can event set up template messages that new Scout families will receive after they sign-up for your Pack. Explain where and how often your Pack meets and when the balance of your dues will be collected.

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