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Tuscan Women Cook announces Black Apron Week, an extraordinary seven days of food, wine, cooking lessons and sightseeing available only to alumni of Tuscan Women Cook. Our deluxe lodging is nestled among vineyards and olive trees in the rolling Tuscan countryside near Pienza. New, challenging cooking classes from local women chefs will build your culinary skills and expand your Tuscan palate. Special dinners in new locales will provide memorable cinque stelle dining experiences.  

Wine lovers will have an opportunity to enhance their cellars private tastings at new vineyards where your meals will include pairings from some of the most extensive wine collections in Italy.

Tuscan Women Cook guests will have access to some of the region's top artisanal food purveyors. Visit their farms and shops for lessons and tastings. Learn the secrets of local cheese makers and go on a truffle hunt for the elusive white truffle with the best truffle hunters. Spend a full day in medieval Montalcino with historical tours, cellar tours, wine tastings, and lunch and dinner off the tourist track.  

Say YES! and return to Tuscan with you very own Black Apron Week with Tuscan Women Cook.
Black Apron Week,
October 15-21, 2017.  
Limited to 16 guests. Reserve early. For further details, email Rhonda and Coleen at  info@tuscanwomencook.com.

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May-June 2017. Tuscan Women Cook, LLC

As we celebrate our first complete year as owners of Tuscan Women Cook, we're having so much fun reflecting on what an exciting year it's been. We've been breathlessly busy this year deepening our knowledge of the Tuscan region, sourcing spectacular new wineries, getting to better know the Nonnas and their families, and seeking out charming new trattorias to share with you. What a job we have!

We love our guest feedback and feel inspired by many of your wonderful suggestions. We found new and exciting Tuscan excursions and adventures tailored just for you, our cherished guests. We have learned so much from seeing Tuscany through your eyes AND through deepening our relationships with the people of Montefollonico. Our Italian is getting better with each trip, or maybe the locals are just being polite.

If you experienced Tuscany in the spring or summer, consider returning in the fall ( autunno). The best way to experience autumn in Tuscany is by saying YES! to a week this fall with Tuscan Women Cook. There are still spots available for September and October 2017. Book your dates now!

Autumn is a great time to explore Tuscany for so many reasons. The summer crowds are gone, and you have the opportunity to mingle with the families who have lived in their villages for generations, giving you a more authentic glimpse of life as a local.   
The weather couldn't be better. The temperatures range from 60 to 75 degrees so you won't have to lug around suitcases filled with bulky clothing, making it easy to commit to a carry-on vacation. Plan on taking loads of pictures. The autumn foliage appears to change their vibrant colors right in front of your eyes . Check out up-to-the-minute Tuscan temps here.

Autumn Tuscan food festivals are a delicious way to experience Italy. The sights, sounds, community pride and the culinary cornucopia will contribute to your unforgettable trip to Tuscany. Olive harvesting, truffle hunting, mushroom foraging, chestnut picking, pumpkins, and, yes, squid sampling are among our favorite fall festivals.

It's the season of the new!
Fall is when Italians enjoy "new oil" (olio nuovo), the first EVOO off the press each season and loved for its peppery taste, and "wine to be drunk young" (vino novella), fermented from whole red grapes and free of tannins. 

Italian autumn harvests are in full swing. Pick Sangiovese grapes in the Chianti, one of the most historic wine regions in Italy. Since Etruscan times, the Chianti region has been a land of wine-making traditions. Wine harvests are often celebrated with opulent culinary events where guests are welcomed and well feted.

Umami fans will be in heaven with an autumn Tuscan experience. Porcini mushrooms are harvested this time of year and showcased in local dishes. Truffle hunters have joined together for decades to sell their famous white truffles found in the surrounding hills. Chefs, culinary experts, food journalists, and foodies from around the world flock to San Miniato to buy, taste, admire, or simply inhale the aroma of regional truffles.


This is the year your life will change in the most delicious way. 2017 is the year for you to travel to Italy.
Ask yourself if you deserve a week to eat, drink, learn and love in the magnificent Tuscan countryside. The answer is a resounding YES! to a truly memorable week with Tuscan Women Cook. Contact us today.


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