The Sustainable Schools team invites you to use our Green Classroom Certification Program to participate in an upcoming Day of Service. 

Jump start your school year by hosting one of our interactive workshops and applying your new found knowledge to a  service-project in your classroom or school. The Green Classroom Coordinator will be with you every step of the way - we even have all our supplies ready to help you complete one of the project ideas suggested below!

Green Apple Day of Service - September 26th


Rapidly approaching, the Green Apple Day of Service "gives parents, teachers, students, companies and local organizations the opportunity to transform all schools into healthy, safe and productive learning environments through local service projects." Read more.


Following this idea, the Sustainable Schools team encourages you to schedule your classroom workshop with the Green Classroom Coordinator before the end of September for the opportunity to transform your classroom into a more environmentally-conscious work space for you and your students.




Make a Difference Day - October 24th

Make a Difference Day is a day dedicated to improving the lives of others. It shows that anyone - regardless of age, location or resources - can accomplish amazing things when they take on the problems they see in their work, school, and community. Read more.

Following this idea, the Sustainable Schools team encourages you to host your classroom workshop and plan your project by October 24th for the opportunity to improve the lives of teachers, students, and community-members around your school.

Project Suggestions:

  • Audit Classroom Resource Use
    • We'll bring all the supplies to help you and your students conduct an audit of your classroom's resource use depending on the sustainability topic you've chosen (waste, water, or energy).
  • Litter Pick-up
    • We'll bring litter-grabbers and collection buckets to help you host a litter pick-up around your school or community. Take an hour out of the school day to walk around your school grounds or invite students and families to participate in a weekend event - the Green Classroom Coordinator is available to help you plan, no matter the size!
  • Awareness Signs
    • Make reminder signage for your classroom and shared spaces around your school! Depending on the topic you chose, we'll bring all the supplies to make items such as "turn me off" stickers for light switches or reminder posters near recycling and waste collection areas.
  • Create Your Own
    • The possibilities are endless! Review our extensive list of project ideas or contact the Green Classroom Coordinator to discuss your interests and ideas.

Please contact the Green Classroom Coordinator at with any questions or to find out more about participating in a Day of Service.



A program to help teachers integrate conservation education into curriculum and initiate positive action in the classroom.    Read more.  

Schedule a brief info session for your next staff, PTA, or teacher meeting to gain a better understanding of how you, your students, and your school community can take the next step in greener education. Contact us at or call (360) 733-8307 to set up a presentation today. 

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