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Help us make a difference!!
Disaster struck in our backyard and we're partnering with Village Rising, a non-profit formed specifically on the heels of the recent wildfires, to help bring immediate relief to families in need.

How can you help? It starts with a T-Shirt! Donate/Purchase while looking great! Everyone wins!
OUR MISSION is to raise funds for immediate aid for those affected, and to encourage a sense of recovery and normalcy in lives of the families and communities that have been devastated by the recent fires in California.
  After the Woolsey Fire broke out in Southern California, several of us rallied to help provide immediate relief to families and individuals in need. Our objective is to start helping California residents rebuild immediately. We will initially assist Southern California residents who lost their homes, starting in Westlake Village and then expand charitable assistance to surrounding cities. Our first and foremost focus will be those that had no insurance (renters, or otherwise) at the time of the disaster.

When you purchase a T-Shirt on behalf of Village Rising's Fire Relief fund, you are not only giving directly to those affected, but creating awareness that we can help heal the communities that were affected by fires in California and make a difference.

Click Below to purchase a shirt through Fire Relief. Proceeds will be donated to the disaster victims.